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Is your favourite 1980s’ celeb here?

From the ‘Whatever happened to …’ and the ‘My God, is (s)he still alive?’ files comes this promotional video for the (Norwegian) TV2 show Gylne Tider, with a bunch of celebrities lip-synching ‘Let It Be’ (including, appropriately, Fab Morvan of Milli Vanilli).
   Sir Roger Moore kicks it off, but right after, you’ll catch (inter alia) Huey Lewis, Jason Alexander (not the one Britney Spears married—or was it?), Josie Bissett, Philip Michael Thomas, John Nettles (subtitled Bergerac—one presumes Midsomer Murders never made it to Norway), Corbin Bernsen, Ricki Lake, Glenn Close, George Wendt (is Norm from Cheers wearing a toupée?), Steve Guttenberg, Katarina Witt, Tonya Harding, Alfonso Ribeiro, Dolph Lundgren, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Ana Alicia, Kelly McGillis, Rick Schroder, Robert Englund, Lou Ferrigno, Boyzone, Kathleen Turner, Daryl Hannah, and even Columbo himself, Peter Falk. There is a glimpse of the late Leslie Nielsen, in a “photo album” scene (the video was made before his passing).

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One Response to ‘Is your favourite 1980s’ celeb here?’

  1. jaklumen says:

    Cimmy and I didn’t recognize everyone, but we did recognize *quite* a few.

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