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Testing the browsers: which has the best typography?

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “Testing the browsers: which has the best typography?”.

Filed under: internet, technology, typography, USA—Jack Yan @ 07.07

6 Responses to ‘Testing the browsers: which has the best typography?’

  1. jaklumen says:

    I find this interesting if only to illustrate that users have many complaints with Internet Explorer– and Microsoft doesn’t seem to regard them. The most common complaint, of course, is its quixotic web standards that drive programmers and designers alike crazy. Yet Microsoft is trying hard to get a toehold in the tablet market. If Apple and the iPad is setting the standard (that tablets will be consumer devices, primarily), and there is continued development for periodical publishers to provide more magazine-like digital media, I think typography will be more scrutinized in the future. So I think you’ve got legitimate concerns, Jack.

    I think I’ve said this before; Chrome is the darling of the tech world mostly because it does take the speed crown. Although I’m not sure what Chrome’s relation to Google Chrome OS and Android is, what I said above about typography may well apply to Google. It will probably apply more to Android, since it seems to be better established in mobile computing presently. Hard to say. Android’s basis in Linux is well understood; I think most users at least know Android is easy to tweak even if they don’t know the connection, directly. This could make typography much more important to tweakers and hackers, but I don’t know if the more casual user will deem it important. More on point– it’s harder to say devices using Android have a consumerist focus, and magazine-like media may have less of a presence.

  2. Jack Yan says:

    With the increase in typographic awareness in the last 20 years, I believe browser makers will need to get this right. The Android stuff I have seen is great and the rendering is beautiful, better than what I have seen on the desktop. So someone out there is paying attention.
       I was very disappointed with Chrome though, regardless of my bias against Google. Firefox does seem to be the best when it comes to Windows browsers though, and I suspect the same would apply to Macs, too.

  3. jaklumen says:

    I’m trying to remember what Ex-Vox Mac users said. I think most did go with Firefox.

    On Linux, as I implied, it’s very much a divide. Some really do favor pure speed, and go with Chrome. I think Firefox has the best balance of performance, productivity, and displays right now, although I will note there was much griping about Mozilla apeing Google Chrome in design (particularly elimination/minimizing of navigation buttons).

  4. On Chrome switching to use the same (bad) font choices as IE9: it’s entirely possible this was a deliberate act of “doing the same as IE”, which browsers sometimes feel pressured to do, in order to be “compatible” with some sites where anything but “the same as IE” is borked.
    Hard to be sure, of course, without asking Chrome; but it’s possible this is a work-around for bad sites that assume IE (still).

  5. […] in this case and whether its technique is the right one.    I don’t use Chrome, for very good reasons. However, on Firefox, with the McAfee plug-in, the content to dangerous sites is blocked, not the […]

  6. Rafael says:

    I think IE10 is the better but is impossible keep chrome beside

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