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Google News won’t rank you top, even when you broke the story and have the best article

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “Google News won’t rank you top, even when you broke the story and have the best article”.

Filed under: business, internet, media, technology, USA—Jack Yan @ 11.49

7 Responses to ‘Google News won’t rank you top, even when you broke the story and have the best article’

  1. […] Adwords aside, there are allegations that it hasn’t done enough to combat child exploitation and it has not been a fair player when it comes to rewarding and acknowledging media outlets that break …. Google may have open-source projects out there, but its behaviour is old-school corporatism these […]

  2. […] before.    It’s another step in the corporations controlling the internet there. We already have Google biasing itself toward corporate players when it comes to news: never mind that you’re a plucky independent who broke the story, Google News will send that […]

  3. […] voices and individual thinking. We know of Google’s love of corporate media and big business, biasing results in favour of them and against independent media, regardless of merit.    Part of me laments the demise of Google Plus since I’ve […]

  4. […] corporations can afford to do everything and smaller publishers can’t. This is already happening, thanks to Google’s own actions with favouring mainstream media sources rather than the outlet that…. Big companies are flexing their muscles and lawmakers are bending over backwards to serve them […]

  5. […] democracy, but human intelligence. The biases I accused Google News and Facebook of—viz. their preference for corporate media—build on the dumbing-down of the masses.    I may well be wrong: maybe people don’t […]

  6. […] be so much more. Maybe the whole world could even get on board a fair, unbiased search engine, and a news spidering service that was current and didn’t prioritize corporate media, recognizing that …. Because such a thing doesn’t really exist in 2020, even though we had it in the early 2000s. It […]

  7. […] how long-form articles are good for your bottom line; how stories work in terms of brand-building; how Google News favours corporate and mainstream sources; and the perks of the job.    This was a great hour, and it was just such a pleasure to […]

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