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The Persuader

My personal blog, started in 2006.

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The path of least resistance: we humans aren’t discerning enough sometimes

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “The path of least resistance: we humans aren’t discerning enough sometimes”.

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2 Responses to ‘The path of least resistance: we humans aren’t discerning enough sometimes’

  1. Hi Jack,

    my name is Christin and I am part of Mailbird’s team. I just tumbled across your post and was wondering if you mind to explain “All have had wonderful reviews and praise, but none allow you to configure the in- and outbox sizes.” What exactly are you referring to?

    The Inbox size usually depends on how many email you have in your inbox. Or am I misunderstanding the comment?
    Let me know, maybe there is actually away to do that in Mailbird which is not that obvious.

  2. Jack Yan says:

    Hi Christin, thank you for reaching out, and I really appreciate it. As I mentioned in the post, I have a very simple request that in 20 years, only one developer outside of Eudora has ever offered: an inbox on the left and an outbox on the right. Within those ’boxes, I should be able to decide what shows in each column, e.g. name, date and subject. I should be able to resize these boxes, and decide for myself if I want a preview pane or not.
       Almost all email client developers have followed the Outlook Express pattern, which became a “standard” in the late 1990s with the three-window set-up. To me it is horribly inefficient, but because of Windows’ dominance, people became used to it (my other example was Microsoft Word—one of the worst word processors around, but it became the standard, and now even Libre Office is patterned after it feature-wise). After a couple of decades, not too many people, except for us “oldies”, remember the earlier days of computing and the superior functionality of programs we had then, and sadly take it for granted that the Outlook and Word ways are the way things have to be.
       Now, if Mailbird can offer configurable mailboxes, I will really consider doing your lifetime licence. I was told by one of your colleagues that this was not a possibility in 2017. As it stands I have paid for a year (licence expiring in May) but just never found the utility I needed, and continue to use Eudora. I haven’t opened Mailbird since October—and that’s coming from someone who sees a massive potential in your UI design and email handling. Please do consider building this into a future release, especially for us heavy email users who get no utility being able to see only such a tiny selection of messages at any given time.

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