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The Persuader

My personal blog, started in 2006.

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Why Twitter’s stock went down in my book in 2018

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “Why Twitter’s stock went down in my book in 2018”.

Filed under: culture, internet, media, politics, UK, USA—Jack Yan @ 11.07

3 Responses to ‘Why Twitter’s stock went down in my book in 2018’

  1. jaklumen says:

    I have abandoned most of social media, so yes, that includes Twitter.

    Mastodon just feels like a magnet to far left politics, and maybe you recall I said I just ran into people expressing such views that got really rankled if I didn’t agree with them. I think Pinterest and WordPress.com are the only remaining sites I’m using.

    If anything, this will allow me to put focus back into blogging. Cimmy and I had some really good stuff going on the Journal Jar that I would like us to do again- affirmations, gratitude exercises- way more positive than arguments about politics, which, in my experience, often have fairly little to do with my home and family life.

    One last thing- I’m not sure why, but I’m not getting notifications of your replies like I used to. I’m not sure what has changed with WordPress- I used to get notifications to opt in. Enlighten me?

  2. Jack Yan says:

    I don’t blame you, J., as I can now go a day or even days without Twitter.
       It’s a sad reflection of our times when people can’t accept an opposing or even different view. You and I remember when people were quite happy to discuss and debate, and learn from each other.
       I don’t interact much with political types on Mastodon so I don’t know its leanings. Mostly I find geeks on there.
       Twenty eighteen was one of my more active blogging years of late and maybe that will continue. I’m not doing it for an audience, but for myself. Every now and then I might write something that resonates with a lot of people. I like your idea of grounding yourself with affirmations and doing positive things.
       I didn’t get notifications of your comments, either. I know WordPress has upgraded to version 5 and it’s quite buggy (e.g. even the editing window doesn’t let me publish, and I have to install the old interface). The only reason I saw your comments last night was my coming in here to make a new post.

  3. […] And my fear is that we will take what we have already learned on social media—to divide and to pile on those who disagree—into any new service. As I mentioned, Mastodon is presently fine, for the most part, because […]

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