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A small selection of articles about and interviews with me from around the world.

N. Bateman: ‘Long-distance call’, Sunday Morning Post, January 11, 2009, ‘Post Magazine’ supplement, p. 6
I was very proud to get coverage from my home town. There’s a satisfaction in not being forgotten back in Hong Kong, and Nadine Bateman made me the subject of her recent ‘Long-distance call’ section in the leading English-language daily there. (Unfortunately, the off-site link below only gives a preview for non-subscribers.)

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‘Transparency, cordial relations assets of Indian service industry’, Free Press, December 27, 2008
English-language daily newspaper in Indore summarizes my keynote speech at the Proton Business School, which detailed how Indian brands make companies there ready-made international partners.

‘New Zealand’s Jack Yan addresses Global MDP’, Dainik Bhaskar, December 26, 2008, p. 1
Front-page news in Indore, India, for my forthcoming speech on branding and marketing strategy at the Proton Business School.

A. Te Kanawa (ed.): ‘Previously in Tū Mai’, Tū Mai, September 2008, p. 6
Piri Weepu, Miriama Smith and I are profiled in Tu Mai’s special 100th edition. We had all been in previous issues and Ata Te Kanawa, the editor, updated readers in a “where are they now?” feature.

‘Greens and Yan think same’, Apparel, September 2006, pp. 7–8
I’m at odds with Jeremy Moon’s calls for changing the definition of ‘New Zealand made’, an issue that made the headlines in new Zealand. This was close to my heart as the original campaign by the Green Party’s late co-leader Rod Donald was meant to promote local manufacture and jobs. However, the Prime Minister backed Jeremy, for reasons unknown. The matter went the Greens’ (and my) way.

‘Five minutes with Jack Yan’, The Dominion Post, June 22, 2006, p. D3
A quick Q&A interview conducted in April—on Hitler’s birthday, no less—written in a humorous style. The original had a humorous Hitler reference but I have omitted it here for reasons of taste (it never made it into print, either).

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Yan: ‘Chinese developing New Zealand’s fashion’, New Zealand Chinese Times, no. 46, September 23, 2005, p. 36
Lulu Yan (no relation) profiles me and my work on Lucire. This was probably the first Chinese print article on me. Interestingly, she used my English name throughout the article.

Fernandez: ‘Not your average CEO: Jack of all trades’, Wellington Today, July–August 2005, pp. 10–11
Juanita Fernandez interviewed me on my business theories, Lucire, Beyond Branding and race. This was my first cover story.

Nguyen: ‘Laying hands on the media world’, B&T Marketing and Media, April 22, 2005, ‘B&T New Zealand Report’, pp. 28–9
Maria Nguyen came across the Tasman to interview me, though eventually we didn’t catch up. Still, with email and phone interviews she put together this great piece. I couldn’t have said it better myself about what we’re trying to achieve with the print editions of Lucire.

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Simpson: ‘Man with a plan’, ProDesign, December 2004–January 2005, pp. 34–6
Emily Simpson, the new editor of ProDesign, came from a women’s magazine background and interviewed me about three days before the print launch of Lucire in Auckland. Starts off with the fact I don’t use a cellphone, and continues by saying I could still pass for 22. I like her writing. There’s also a nice full-page portrait of yours truly by Paul McCredie.

Tokhi: ‘Lucire magazine pre-launch interview’, Dot Com Women, August 3, 2004
Lata Tokhi interviews me on the upcoming launch of Lucire, its planned content, and why we waited seven years before starting in this second medium.

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Geist: ‘Tourism is the only way’, Zeitgeist, no. 13, summer 2004, p. 2
Bill Geist’s tourism editorial champions my vision, as quoted in Thomas Mucha’s article in Business 2·0, for repairing the American brand.

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Mucha: ‘Marketing the brand “America”’, Business 2·0 online edition, May 13, 2004
I was one of three commentators, alongside Tom Miller and Simon Anholt, on the American nation brand being in trouble and what the US can do about it.

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Martin: ‘Jack Yan—inspiring speaker at ID Dunedin Fashion Weekend’, Thread, March 24, 2004
Katie Martin attended my New Zealand Trade & Enterprise speech in Dunedin in March and had some very nice things to say about it.

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Paki: ‘Polyeurasian—the new breed New Zealander’, Tu Mai, February 2004, pp. 20–2
As the demographics of New Zealand change, I was invited by Tu Mai to comment on what it means to be an immigrant New Zealander.

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Oliver: ‘Book reviews: Beyond Branding’, Argent, vol. 3, no. 1, January 2004, pp. 46–7
Malcolm Oliver reviews our Beyond Branding and, fortunately, spends a good part of it reviewing my chapter.

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Te Kanawa: ‘Flash—but a culture clash, too’, Tu Mai, December 2003, pp. 20–2
I comment on the tangata whenua and intellectual property in a Maori context, discussing L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week issues.

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Fletcher (ed.): ‘Brand ownership under scrutiny’, Food Technology in New Zealand, November 2003, p. 3
Julie Garlick and I speak on branding in New Zealand at BrightStar’s Pack and Brand conference.

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The Wellington Region: Open for Business. Wellington: Positively Wellington Business 2003
I was featured on this CD-ROM promoting businesses in Wellington, New Zealand.

Engeseth: ‘Swedenization of branding föreslår Nya Zeeländare’, Quo Vadis, nos. 38–9, August 2003, p. 6
My friend and colleague Stefan Engeseth interviews me after I do my second speech at the Stockholm Marketing Association (MIS) on ethical branding and corporate social responsibility.

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Philpott: ‘World famous in the World Wide Web’, Debate, May 22, 2003
Kathryn Philpott interviews me for AUT’s student newspaper about Lucire and its Webby Award nomination. A very candid interview conducted over the phone and probably the first time I used the word balls in print!

Sinclair-Thompson: ‘From Wellington to the world—virtually’, The Buzz, no. 2, April 24, 2003, p. 1
Philippa Sinclair-Thompson profiles me in an article about why I choose to have my company HQed in Wellington and highlights Lucire’s success, including its recent Webby Award nomination. A beautifully designed cover story.

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Scobie: ‘On top of the e-world’, Professional Manager, January 2003, pp. 20–2
Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs make use of the ’net and build their brands. This article, in one of Britain’s respected management magazines, extensively quotes me along with Vanessa Palmer, Natalie Bloom and Peter Gifford (ex-Midnight Oil).

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Scobie: ‘Jack Yan’, MAP Magazine, no. 38, December 2002–January 2003, p. 26
One of the best and most accurate—and to date the most personal—interview ever written about me. I was flattered and humbled by the in-depth nature of Claire Scobie’s profile of me in MAP, a Brisbane, Queensland-based media magazine.

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Rydergren: ‘Go logo! Brand-soldaterna slår tillbaka’, Resumé, no. 34, 2002, August 22, 2002, pp. 22–3
Spread written about my participation at the Chief Brand Officers' retreat at Medinge, Sweden, and my humanitarian agenda for branding.
   Tobias Rydergren has a very accurate memory, quoting me on my idea for Nike to spend an extra Kr 25,– on education for its workers in Asia. This spread, written about my time at the Chief Brand Officers’ Retreat at Medinge, Sweden, along with some of my esteemed colleagues from the UK and the Nordic countries, features a prelude to the Brand Manifesto which I published in September 2002. A real honour to appear in Sweden’s most respected advertising paper—and thanks to both Anna Serner and Stefan Engeseth for letting me know about the coverage.

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Baird: ‘Jack of all trades’, Unlimited, July 2002, ‘Transformers’ section, p. 11
Highly respected business magazine in New Zealand profiles me in a one-page special on “hot” entrepreneurs.
   I was very honoured to see this one-pager written about me by Unlimited’s web editor Zoë Baird. The level of research needed to get a piece past the editors of this magazine is very high, so the information is always authoritative and reliable. This properly scrutinized article is professional journalism (and, I must add, graphic design and photography) at work, naming me as one of the hot entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

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Vidal: ‘The web that Jack built’, The Evening Post, December 5, 2000, ‘Flair’ supplement, p. 8
Daily broadsheet’s fashion supplement interviews me on my work at Lucire, at the suggestion of Zambesi’s Neville Findlay.

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Loubet del Bayle: ‘Jack Yan’, Les Temps Typographiques, September 2000
In French, a very enjoyable Q&A interview about my work in the font industry.

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Martinkus: ‘Font victims’, Desktop, April 2000
A state-of-play analysis for the Australasian type industry and latest trends, by Desktop editor Angela Martinkus.

Martinkus: ‘Type cast’, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, ‘Emag’ supplement, March 2000
This is an adaptation of Angela Martinkus’s piece for Desktop, but was much more widely distributed with two of Australia’s leading broadsheets during one day in March 2000.

Martinkus: ‘An open mind and a global company’, Desktop, August 1999, pp. 46–7
Angela Martinkus examines ‘Aussie all-stars’ and looks at my global strategy and the organic structure for Jack Yan & Associates.

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‘Jack Yan: a successful type’, The Voice, no. 7, autumn 1998, p. 2
Sales and Marketing Executives International profiles me in their quarterly newsletter. The interview was even typeset in a typeface I created. This was the first time my photograph (shot by Rebecca Thorpe) was issued.

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Needham: ‘Aussie types’, Australian Creative, spring 1996, pp. 30–3
‘Campbell believes it is … Jack Yan who is achieving the most success locally.’ A report on the regional font industry.

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Foxworthy: ‘I shot the serif’, Desktop, February 1996
This was the first time I was profiled in Australia, thanks to Richard Foxworthy, who did a bit of research to uncover me. I even got a client or two from this coverage and a few months later, Richard asked if I could replace Desktop’s typography columnist. I have been there since the June 1996 issue.

Pioneering the virtual firm.

‘Worldwide, cross-media domination may seem like a lofty plan, but Yan is one of those annoying high achievers, a master-of-all-trades who could put many of us with scattered ambitions and time-management issues to shame. …
   ‘An “anti-establishment globalist” almost seems like a contradiction in terms but as Yan’s career and achievements have shown, paving your own unique way in this world can pay handsome dividends if you have the ambition, determination and conviction to integrate and practise what you preach.’

Nguyen: ‘Laying hands on the media world’, B&T Marketing and Media, April 22, 2005


‘Jack Yan is an Innovator and a Big Thinker.’

Bloomberg: ‘Blogger Stories: Jack Yan’, Blogger Stories, September 19, 2006


‘Jack Yan puts Antipodean success down to a “genuine, value-based, and slightly anti-establishment approach … Given that it’s that much harder to start a presence in other nations … you have to outthink those with money,” says Yan. This entrepreneurial spirit is matched with a positive outlook and reflected in how SMEs are managed. Fluid and fast-moving, the companies mirror the constantly changing nature of the web. “I like organic,” says Yan, “with no fixed hierarchical structure.”’

Scobie: ‘On top of the e-world’, Professional Manager, January 2003


‘You’ve got to be fluid. We … were one of the first virtual companies in the world. We’re used to running things this way and I don’t think traditional companies understand that.’

In an interview with Josie Vidal
The Evening Post
December 5, 2000
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‘Jack Yan said the … party in Wellington was more personal. So personal that when introduced, he remembered my friend winning a competition a year ago.
   ‘On that note I was sold.’

Christie: Lucire salutes Wellington designers at capital party’, Thread, November 2, 2004


‘Publisher Jack Yan was an absolute charmer and a brilliant host’.

Ravlich: ‘Lucire luxe lounge’, Herald on Sunday, October 10, 2004, p. 92



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