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This is not an exhaustive list and does not count any “casual” TV appearances, only proper interviews. My regular spot on TV One’s Good Morning in New Zealand began March 2006 and continued to April 2007, and is not included here.

‘Cultural identity and confusion’, The Golden Tide, part three, Radio New Zealand National, New Zealand, December 28, 2008, 3.30 p.m.
I candidly discuss being a Chinese immigrant in New Zealand and the stereotypes confronted there. Presented and produced by Sonia Yee. I also featured in the fifth part of this series.

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Asia Down Under, TV One, New Zealand, August 26, 2007, 8.30 a.m.
Pushpa Jabin interviewed me at the close of the Bananas New Zealand Going Global conference about being a Chinese New Zealander and about Lucire.

Cadbury Dream Model Search ’07, C4, New Zealand, July 28, 2007, 7 p.m.
It took over a year before my next domestic networked prime-time appearance as a judge for the Cadbury Dream Model Search ’07, New Zealand’s biggest modelling competition.

Listening Post, al-Jazeera English, July 6, 2007
By invitation, I was asked to comment on Tony Blair’s new job as a Middle East envoy by al-Jazeera’s English-language TV service.

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One News, TV One, New Zealand, March 12, 2006, 6 p.m.
My first prime-time interview on a network, from the catwalk at Vodafone ID Dunedin Fashion Week.

Breakfast, TV One, New Zealand, March 10, 2006, 8.40 a.m.
They called Lucire ‘New Zealand’s fashion bible’ and I get away, in the last frame, showing off the cover. I comment on the success of Vodafone ID Dunedin Fashion Week and my position on the Emerging Designers’ Awards’ judging panel.

Fashion News Live, New York, September 8, 2005
A quick interview with Rocco Leo Gaglioti on the red carpet at the announcement of Lucire’s US edition. I did a similar interview for StyleZone TV and Al Hurra Television that evening.

Baxter: ‘“I see it as a way to fight terrorism”—an interview with Jack Yan on branding and ethics’, The New Zealand Business Blog, July 29, 2005
This was my first podcast, with Helen Baxter, whom I met on the EU’s Knowledgeboard many years ago. I talk about the Medinge Group and the Global Entrepreneurs’ Forum.

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Good Morning, TV One, New Zealand, May 25, 2005, 9·43 a.m.
I love live TV, and Jeanette Thomas, who interviewed me, is rather pleasant to look at. She asks me about Lucire, after a busy morning where I had only had two hours’ sleep.

Nightline, TV3, New Zealand, April 13, 2005, 10·30 p.m.
Natasha Utting comes to visit me two years (almost to the day) after her predecessor came to ask about Lucire’s Webby Award nomination. I’m just glad that they showed more of Doug Rimington, our Wellington photographer, and model Maya in the establishing shots. This time, it’s about the Romanian edition of Lucire—the print magazine, that is.

Mediawatch with Russell Brown, National Radio, New Zealand, February 27, 2005, 9·06 a.m.
Russell Brown was well prepared for this in-depth interview, which I thoroughly enjoyed taping a week or so before. Nice to get a journalist who had taken note of the advertising rates for the US. What was surprising is how many people talked to me about this—bear in mind it went out on radio on a Sunday morning (repeated that evening).

Asian Report with Suzanne Schokman, National Radio, New Zealand, December 1, 2004, 3·30 p.m.
Suzanne Schokman and Wayne Mowat interview me live on National Radio about Lucire. I prefer the live format, and Suzanne caught me while I was in Auckland. The tough part was hinting to listeners that my being “Asian” had nothing to do with what we were trying to do with Lucire, especially as my segment followed one about Merge, a magazine targeted at ethnic populations.

Asia Down Under, TV One, New Zealand, November 21, 2004, 8·30 a.m.
On network television, Bharat Jamnadas attends the launch of Lucire's print edition. I’m interviewed in some depth, with comments from Trelise Cooper (who spoke very highly of my fashion career), Erika Takacs and Marina McCartney. What’s also nice is that Bharat and his crew left the lights there to help with the launch.

World TV, New Zealand, October 6, 2004
Frieda Yu from the New Zealand Chinese-language channel interviews me on the print launch of Lucire and its competition. As with my earlier responses on World TV, she allowed me to answer in Cantonese.

Headliners, TV One, New Zealand, October 5, 2004, 5·30 p.m.
Lucire’s print launch celebrated: Ruwani Perera interviews me at the printing plant in September and attends the party at Giltrap North Shore. Paul Blomfield is also interviewed and gave some great comments about Lucire.

Radio Active, New Zealand, September 6, 2004, 10·30 a.m.
This was a very pleasant interview live on Radio Active, with nice coffee to boot. Lucire was a month away at this point, and we managed to tease listeners about the new print title.

Good Morning, TV1, New Zealand, April 7, 2004, 10·55 a.m.
This live interview with Lisa Manning discussed my virtual business, my co-authorship of Beyond Branding and my plans to extend Lucire into print—the first consumer-targeted announcement of this news.

George FM, New Zealand, October 22, 2003, 1 p.m.
Interviewed by Thane Kirby live on George FM, a national FM network in New Zealand, on L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week. This was one of the most fun interviews ever, because Thane was so relaxed and I was able to call him ‘Dog’. (Acknowledgements to Helen Baxter.)

L’Oréal Paris Presents L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week, Sky TV Channel 9, New Zealand, October 20, 2003, 12·15 p.m.
I hadn’t done live TV for a while. Interviewed by Francesca Rudkin live in the L’Oréal Paris Powder Room during L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week.

Vapnitchnaia: ‘Green fashion’, Late News, UN Radio Russian Service, New York, August 4, 2003
Elena Vapnitchnaia interviewed me about Lucire’s partnership with the UNEP. While conducted in English, I was ultimately dubbed into Russian. Word has it that the interview may have been used on the Chinese-language service on UN Radio and I was dubbed—the second time that month, if you count a smaller TV news item—into Mandarin!

Nightline, TV3, New Zealand, April 9, 2003, 10·30 p.m.
Clayton Anderson interviews me after Lucire won a Webby Award nomination—a brilliantly written intro and story. Anchorwoman Carolyn Robinson’s comments likening it to The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers were also appreciated.

Today Live with Susan Wood, TV1, New Zealand, November 13, 2001, 5·30 p.m.
Highest-rating programme in its timeslot. The seven-minute interview centred around my business accomplishments.

Asia Down Under, TV1, New Zealand, August 30, 2001, 11·20 p.m.
Network programme focused on my work on Lucire and knowledge of branding. Four minutes.

OnTV, Saturn Television, April 1999
Kelly Davis interviewed me with Simone Knol and Rebecca Thorpe for a four-minute segment on Saturn Television’s OnTV cable channel about Lucire.

Online and out there.

Jack Yan on 5.30 Live with Susan WoodYan started in business at the tender age of 15 doing calligraphy and proofreading.
   His experiences have had a major influence on the way he now approaches business.
   ‘I like to give someone who's young, and has got a bit of passion behind them, a chance because I confronted that prejudice and there's no way I'm going to put that onto someone else.’
   He has put together a team virtually, which he believes is very unusual. His staff are based all over the world—New York, San Francisco, Sydney, London, Manchester, Tel Aviv.
   ‘I couldn't think of anyone else who could claim they've had 14 years running a virtual organization.’

Excerpted from ‘Online and out there’, NZoom
Based on the television interview with Susan Wood on Today Live with Susan Wood
TV1, New Zealand
November 13, 2001

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