6 thoughts on “More Google privacy breaches in Reader?

  1. It’s a very small thing, in comparisson but I often wondered how on so many sites (including WordPress and Disqus) I enter my details and then when I leave comments I somehow have a profile picture? It’s always my wee small Tin Tin picture from the cover of TinTin and the soviets, a picture which as far as I knew was just my Gmail icon. As far as I can figure they must share that with all those other sites, which doesn’t matter in that sense, but shouldn’t someone have asked? What if it was my photo and I wished for privacy?

  2. You have a good point there, Pete: did we ever provide Disqus with a photograph? I don’t use Gmail, so I believe that Disqus obtained my photograph legitimately, but in your case, I’m leaning toward Gmail “sharing” your icon. The way it’s behaved (Buzz, from what I can tell, is part of the Gmail product group) suggests that there’s a serious lack of ethics when it comes to privacy issues there—especially in that Google division.

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