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More Google privacy breaches in Reader?

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “More Google privacy breaches in Reader?”.

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6 Responses to ‘More Google privacy breaches in Reader?’

  1. Pete says:

    It’s a very small thing, in comparisson but I often wondered how on so many sites (including WordPress and Disqus) I enter my details and then when I leave comments I somehow have a profile picture? It’s always my wee small Tin Tin picture from the cover of TinTin and the soviets, a picture which as far as I knew was just my Gmail icon. As far as I can figure they must share that with all those other sites, which doesn’t matter in that sense, but shouldn’t someone have asked? What if it was my photo and I wished for privacy?

  2. Jack Yan says:

    You have a good point there, Pete: did we ever provide Disqus with a photograph? I don’t use Gmail, so I believe that Disqus obtained my photograph legitimately, but in your case, I’m leaning toward Gmail “sharing” your icon. The way it’s behaved (Buzz, from what I can tell, is part of the Gmail product group) suggests that there’s a serious lack of ethics when it comes to privacy issues there—especially in that Google division.

  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by jackyan: @jonoabroad Getting concerned with being signed up for stuff I never asked for and privacy: http://bit.ly/dwR3h4 and http://is.gd/8maTL

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