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The ex-Vox testimony

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “The ex-Vox testimony”.

Filed under: culture, internet, New Zealand, publishing, USA—Jack Yan @ 00.06

8 Responses to ‘The ex-Vox testimony’

  1. jaklumen says:

    Wow, you made a very nice post pretty quickly.
    (Yes, I was the Admin that activated your account… shhh, I try to stay low profile.)

    The forums are pretty quiet as we are in the middle of the Hallowthankamas holiday season, but I will see about promoting your post and getting the Diaspora looking at the ExVox forums again.

  2. Jack Yan says:

    Thanks, Jak, I really appreciated that—and your post about seven weeks ago promoting my blog! I am so glad to have found Xmangerm again through your post.

  3. […] lack of innovation there reminds me of where Yahoo! was at some years back. It reminds me, too, of Vox, in its dying days, with all the fake accounts that I see—sometimes I only go on to manage a few […]

  4. […] no means a blog post in favour of the Republican poll front-runner, although this graphic from Vox (not the old Vox that I used to be on) was very […]

  5. […] ones were omitted—and the many occasions where I could no longer post, comment, like or share. There’s a direct parallel to my experiences on the former Vox.com, which Six Apart confirmed in 2009 and which they had no official answer for.    What’s […]

  6. […] social media.    There are sites like Blogcozy, a blogging platform inspired by the old Vox (before Six Apart shut it down). I’m on there a lot, I have a nice following of a few dozen […]

  7. […] as I always expected: those of us who use these sites more heavily encounter the bugs sooner. Vox was the same: I left a year before Six Apart closed it down, and the bugs I encountered could ne… I’m actually going through a similar battle with Amazon presently, blog post to come.   […]

  8. […] might say that I’ve waited too long to do this as the 99 per cent sample was taken over years. But past behaviour does show I tend to stick at something for longer than many people.    I’m also […]

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