No surprises as Firefox 4 reaches Beta 10

Tried Firefox 4 Beta 10 on another computer altogether—the new machine in the office. No font management software on this one, which rules out anything that could have been doing. I don’t need to say much more. The font problem is the same as on Betas 7, 8 and 9; and the fact that Google results’ pages crash the browser may be down to McAfee Site Advisor, which I have installed, according to one of the experts at Mozilla.
   A few people have had a semi-related font issue (here’s one on CNet from 2009, and here is a thread on Mozilla), but seemingly not enough for Mozilla to deem it an issue they need to fix. Pity the other browsers are so below par.

Firefox 4 Beta 10
The Firefox Update loading screen on Firefox 4 Beta 10. Didn’t really need to go beyond this to know that the font-rendering system is stuffed.

PS.: Discovered on the Mozilla site that a grand total of 40 people have this problem. But I am glad I found that a few folks have had this identical issue, at long last. Nothing had surfaced in the search engines before this.

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One thought on “No surprises as Firefox 4 reaches Beta 10

  1. I guess I understand why developers can get cranky.

    I wish I had a way to beef up Mozilla’s Windows development team (sorry to take the mickey with you here) just to get you to hush up!


    Firefox is still good for me on Linux, but… well, Flash has some problems now. Can’t seem to pause some videos. I sincerely hope that HTML5 is done right so that Flash beast can be minimized or put down, uh, humanely.

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