What the suck?

I think Telstra Clear’s Captcha for its Customer Zone is broken. I wish I took screen shots of each failed attempt now, since it’s kicked me off after five tries.
   But this one was intriguing. I never expected to see a quaint s, especially in a context as digital as a Captcha, in usage in 2011:

Telstra Clear Captcha

Who am I, Shakespeare?

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4 thoughts on “What the suck?

  1. Well, this is actual printed text scanned in, isn’t it? My understanding was these captchas functioned to improve computer recognition of print.

  2. Your understanding seems more accurate than mine, Jak. I’ve been informed by Andrew that you are right: I stand corrected. I never would have guessed: I’ve designed fonts with the quaint s.

  3. It’s considered one of my more annoying traits, that I tend to remember most anything I read. But yes, this is something that I read somewhere, and so I have often wondered why more captchas aren’t using it, as I think it is more useful and practical.

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