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Zeiger confronts the U-bahn ads

A while back, in Desktop, I wrote about subvertising. This video, found via Rock Rodgers’ Tumblr, destroys the ads altogether, by means of a mirrored contraption that turns the projected images from a Berlin U-bahn station into rather nice art.
   Of course it isn’t legal, but one has to hand it to these chaps for creating their devices, which have a neat look to them.

Zeiger from █▀██▄█▀▀█ on Vimeo.

   Their words: ‘A couple of months ago, ad-projectors appeared in a Berlin subway station, throwing moving images all over the station walls and lifting visual aggressiveness to a new level. Since the images were projected, we could get between projector and projection to fight this new quality of exaggerated advertisement with its own weapons. Minimal invasive adbusting devices made of mirrors, magnets and quite some duck tape.’

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One Response to ‘Zeiger confronts the U-bahn ads’

  1. xmangerm says:

    Now this was some original thinking even though it might not be legal even in liberal Berlin.

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