And now, another website that locks me out: TelstraClear


Apologies to Daniel at TelstraClear for getting the full story detailed below, but if I don’t recount it, I’m going to continue getting the brick wall there.
   Essentially, the following email says, ‘Dear TelstraClear: please let me update my own tickets.’
   Right now, and certainly since January, the company won’t let me.
   Unfortunately, despite repeated phone calls and emails about this, I’m keep getting stuck at tier 1. Telstra “upgraded” me to tier 2 support on this issue after an hour-long call on Wednesday, but all I got back was a message on my answerphone saying, ‘We tried it, it works.’
   Um, no, it doesn’t.
   When I called back to tell the technician he was wrong, I got stuck with a tier 1 support staffer who wouldn’t even qualify for organ donation. He heard only what he wanted to hear and ignored the ‘We did this two hours ago’ protestation—only to arrive at the conclusion, after another hour, that it had to be upgraded to tier 2. We did this two hours ago.
   I have not heard a whisper since that call—just like in January when I first reported the issue with TelstraClear’s faulty support site. So I’ve resorted back to TelstraClear’s email form.
   Unlike January 16, the site believes I have an account with them—though it’s evidently not one that can be accessed.
   So for the last few days, it’s been, ‘Yes it works,’ ‘No it doesn’t,’ with TelstraClear.
   Not good enough, because, like all bugs, I am usually right and the experts are usually wrong.
   This is not the first time. In 2000–1, it took nearly two years of complaints to get TelstraSaturn, as it was then, to acknowledge that it was the wind causing internet outages here. That time, too, the drones answering the phone did their best to prevent the matter from going to technicians higher up. Eventually, a technician drove down from Palmerston North, looked at the cable, and said, ‘The wind’s causing your internet outages.’ He then called another technician.
   Here’s the latest email which exposes some of the crap I’ve gone through—and this is just trying to log in! We haven’t even got to the original matter that I complained about, which TelstraClear has already admitted is their fault (and that’s got to tier 3).
   Will this take two years again? It feels just like the Vox issue of 2009.

Hej Daniel:

I appreciate your getting back to me, but as advised in my many earlier messages and my last two phone calls, the username and password given do not work on your site. I cannot respond to any TelstraClear ticket.
   This is the same username and password combination given to me over the phone, although I note that TelstraClear has given me a variety of different ones since January 2011. I was given three different ones on January 14 and 15 alone.
   Even if I were to log in at the URL you gave, it does not help with support. The password only works for the basic Customer Zone, which is not where I have an issue. Once I go to the support section (Customer Zone > Service Information > Online Help > Still Need Help) or click on the ‘To access your question from our support site, click here’ in your emails, I am confronted with a new log-in page.
   At every turn, and regardless of which password or username I use, your site returns, ‘The username or password that you entered is incorrect or your account has been disabled.’
   According to your colleague Karen Hardie on January 15, the Customer Zone and are two separate sites governed by different log-ins and passwords. It was never resolved then and remains the issue you see now.
   Interestingly, TelstraClear staff have given me conflicting advice on the case sensitivity over the last half-year. I’ve also had TelstraClear staff call here and say, ‘I’ve tried it, it all works,’ though I fail to see how that is possible.
   This all began because I am simply trying to update a ticket.

Kind regards,


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