Contacting Right Now (a misnomer of a company name)

If there’s one employee I can never fault at Telstra Clear, it’s Daniel Borgshammar, who has been following up my case with my corrupted profile on the Telstra Clear support site since day one.
   Unfortunately, Daniel has his hands tied. He contacts the people at Right Now, the owners of, and keeps getting polite brush-offs. No ETA is given.
   So, after a year, I thought I’d just ask this American company if it responds to its clients. I wonder if I will get a reply in the promised 48 hours.

Hello there:

I’m not too happy. I’m a TelstraClear customer in New Zealand, and I can’t use In fact, I haven’t been able to use it for a year.
   It appears that, through no fault of my own, you’ve corrupted my profile. I push TelstraClear on this, and they tell me they push you, to get it fixed.
   A year down the track, we’re nowhere. I still can’t log in or follow up tickets. In fact, I have to send a fresh enquiry each time through its email system just to be heard. Its techs have a hard time following up on any query, since there are no service threads to speak of—just a long, long trail of email messages, as I paste in earlier dialogues each time so they know it’s an ongoing issue.
   Since a large telco can’t get a response or ETA from you beyond a polite brush-off, I thought I’d come directly, and just ask, as Joe Public: can you get this fixed, please?
   I think a year’s wait is long enough. I hope you’ll look in to it.


Jack Yan

   I see Oracle is going to buy this company. Good luck, folks. Hope you know what you’re getting in to, because there are people there who are put off for nearly a year.

PS.: Right Now eventually passed this message back on to Datum, which passed it on to Telstra Clear’s James Jacques, on December 5 NZDT. It was then remedied immediately: ‘I have tidied up your user profiles and made it so you now only have one login (There were 4 or 5 active in the system). I have sent a password reset request to this email address, please complete this and use this email address as your login ID and the issues should be resolved.’ (The multiple log-ins were created, I should add, by Telstra Clear, each time one failed.) Lesson: cut out the middle man!—JY

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2 thoughts on “Contacting Right Now (a misnomer of a company name)

  1. I see Oracle is going to buy this company.

    Oh dear! I remember the many wringing of hands when they acquired Sun. At the time, I thought the worries were overwrought, and then I found out just how badly Oracle has alienated the open source community. All the Open Office community has basically moved over to Libre Office (a fork of the project), for one example.

    I think they’ll need more than just luck.

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