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Brand Kim Dotcom: what has changed?

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “Brand Kim Dotcom: what has changed?”.

Filed under: branding, business, culture, internet, New Zealand, politics—Jack Yan @ 12.22

12 Responses to ‘Brand Kim Dotcom: what has changed?’

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  2. Brenda Agnew says:

    Great article, I agree 100%. It was very disappointing to see that prejudice has won the day. I am grateful that he brought Assange, Snowden and Greenwald here. It was a gift. I’m embarrassed at the way NZ and the media have treated this guy.

  3. Jack Yan says:

    Thank you, Brenda. As I re-read it, I was reminded: unlike Bob Jones, Kim Dotcom didn’t physically beat up journalists. Yet Bob still gets better treatment from the media.

  4. Karen Te Papa says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Tall poppy syndrome? or maybe some people are just too ignorant for their own good. He is a resident, but he is also a person, and for people to villify him in this way is disgusting. Ignorance and prejudice, is that all this country has become????

  5. Jack Yan says:

    Well said, Karen. There has been far too much divisiveness in this election season—the local body elections last year were the same. It’s symptomatic of much bigger problems going on behind the scenes, making politics less pleasant—and, consequently, driving ordinary New Zealanders away from the process. It shouldn’t be like this.

  6. Greg 0s says:

    Dotcom did not beat up any media, but the media certainly beat up on him.
    What I noticed over the last few months has been the constant denigration of anything, especially the really good stuff, that has come from anyone left of National.
    The way the media painted Dotcom, Cunliffe and Harawira one would have thought these were filthy thieving lepers and that Jesus Key would continue saving the country as per usual.
    Is it any wonder we had such poor turnout at the booths.

  7. David B says:

    This country is full on red necks and idiots. Just a pack of sheep really. It’s worse than living in Australia, at least over there they have real kangaroo’s in their courts

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