The Sunshine Blogger Award’s 11 questions

Holly Jahangiri kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I doubt I’d win, as I don’t follow the rules. I’m not even entirely sure what I’d win. But the questions seem a fun thing to do, especially now that I’ve decided to minimize my time on Facebook in favour of the blogosphere again (roll on 2006, but without the arseholes!). These are:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions you’ve been asked.
Nominate 11 other bloggers, making sure to let each one know that they are nominated.
Ask the nominees 11 questions.

Thank you, Holly, I’ll do the first two. I don’t believe in asking others to do these Q&As, but if you’re reading this and would like to join in, please feel free to.
   In the spirit of blogging goodwill, and helping out someone who has bravely given up Facebook (and its subsidiaries) for Lent, the 11 questions, and my answers, follow.

What is your favourite drink?
I’ve become more teetotal as I get older. I’d have to say a mango nectar.

Where is your hometown?
I hail from Kowloon, Hong Kong, but Wellington, New Zealand is my home.

Do you prefer sweet, sour, bitter or savoury flavours?
We can discount savoury from the get-go and this might apply to a lot of people of Chinese descent. I don’t mind something slightly bitter.

What is your favourite song?
Depends on the mood I am trying to get in to. There’s not a single one. That’s like asking someone what their favourite typeface is.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
Anywhere. Just whatever takes my fancy at any given point.

Are you a minimalist or a collector?
A collector.

What colour is your suitcase?
Boring: it’s black.

Which trees do you like the best?
Pōhutukawa (metrosideros excelsa) always bring a smile to my face.

Do you have a day job as well as blogging?
Yes. Surely there can’t be many full-time bloggers left? I’d expect they’ve all become “social media experts” by now.

What is your favourite smell or scent?
This is like that song question, isn’t it? I can’t limit myself to one.

Do you prefer to eat meat or vegetables?
I prefer fruit to both.

   I don’t know if that’s revealed anything. A Voigt-Kampff test might have been more insightful.

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2 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award’s 11 questions

  1. Thank you, Jack, for being a good sport! :)

    First, I hope you won’t be too disappointed – in doing this, you have accepted the nomination and the award is yours. The “trophy,” as it were, is the sunshine graphic (which, as with all trophies, you may display proudly here or keep tucked away in your closet to smile over privately).

    I had to do a bit of research on that tree – and learned that it apparently grows well in conditions like my back yard! Hmmm. It’s beautiful. Might have to look into that.

    I see we have a great deal in common, but I’m intrigued by the suggestion that preference in flavor profile might be an ethnic thing. That’s something to explore, right there. And what you suggest could explain the whole business of “sweet and sour sauce” on everything… (I prefer mustard and those tiny hot peppers, and would leave plum sauce far from my roasted duck.)

    So, Jack, here’s one more question for you: it’s your birthday. Someone gives you a calfskin wallet. How do you react? (Or do you not react at all – totally distracted by the fact that an American didn’t capitalize “it’s” up there?)

  2. Yay, I won something today! Thanks, Holly!
       Let me know if you ever want me to hunt for seeds. They grow nicely here and I can go into the back yard.
       I have a funny feeling that sweet and sour sauce is a western invention though, just like fortune cookies and chop suey. But we’ll claim spaghetti, ravioli and pizza!
       I’d be very happy with the present and thank the person. The Atlantic tells me that even in the US, one shouldn’t capitalize after a colon except in certain circumstances. That was not an implanted memory.

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