Why I don’t find the Asiatic characters on Little Britain and Come Fly with Me racist

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7 thoughts on “Why I don’t find the Asiatic characters on Little Britain and Come Fly with Me racist

  1. I agree with you. I did not find anything about the show offensive. It is a sketch comedy that explored unusual situations that come up when you encounter unusual people in everyday life. I wish they would create more such shows. They seem to have absolutely dried up since the early 2010s.

    Btw, you might enjoy The Ricky Gervais Show as well if you enjoyed Little Britain. Think Little Britain except in talk show format with mind blowing animation.

  2. Hi Rohan, thank you for the tip! I have watched quite a few episodes of The Ricky Gervais Show and know it well. Poor Karl! I still remember a funny one where they talked about the afterlife and apparitions.

    I wish that style of show would return. You could have such fun with the types of personalities around today: the social media conspiracy believer, the woke person jumping on every cause when the actual people being affected are there, the tech billionaire who thinks he’s smart by spouting general knowledge, the parent who thinks they’re superior to anyone who hasn’t reproduced, etc. We need a 2020s comedy like this!

  3. That would indeed be quite something if they managed to create a sketch comedy with so many real life characters. The trouble would be to find a platform willing to broadcast it. Though if anyone can, it would be the Norwegians. To the best of my knowledge, they were the ones who produced the most cutting edge series in recent times. Norsemen is quite something and really pushes the boundaries of mainstream comedy. Now if only they had someone like Peter Jackson to bring the best actors and staff from around the world to Oslo, Norway.

  4. Thank you, I’ll need to check out what they’re doing over in Norway! I very occasionally watch Swedish television but haven’t seen anything from Norway. I’ll see what I can pick up from here.

  5. “Gervais” who, Mr “@Rohan Jolly”?


    I don’t see anything special about the Norwegians, unless you meant being hypocritically sanctimonious is somehow their USP.

  6. I can’t differ more.
    And can you say the same about 2 Japanese characters each of both played?

  7. Already covered in the post, but I guess you didn’t know their names if they’re ‘Japanese characters’. How much worse were they compared with white characters like Dudley or Ian Foot? And do you have an east Asian heritage?

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