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Putting the search engines through their paces

You are currently browsing comments. If you would like to return to the full story, you can read the full entry here: “Putting the search engines through their paces”.

Filed under: China, France, internet, publishing, technology, UK, USA—Jack Yan @ 05.08

2 Responses to ‘Putting the search engines through their paces’

  1. The search results for my name (not in quotes) on Baidu are weird and laughable, somewhat understandably so, but some are completely irrelevant as far as I can tell. That said, I’ve never knowingly submitted a sitemap to them either, and have no plans to do so.

    Do you think that the results for my last name are why I was turned down for wechat years ago, DESPITE having two people vouch for me? LOL

  2. Jack Yan says:

    You’d hope that wouldn’t be the reason, but you never know with the Communist Party!

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