2 thoughts on “Autocade reaches 32 million page views

  1. Firstly, Autocade is a magnificent resource; thankyou for it!
    Secondly, a question: Have you any idea why the revived Borgward company, as a division of Foton, had such miserable sales and soon folded? To me, their cars looked attractive and competitive and should have sold well.

  2. Hi Marius, thank you for your kind words!

    I suspect a few things happened with Borgward, which I really need to put on to Autocade. Foton stretched itself too far and didn’t have the resources to market passenger cars and develop the range further. The BX7 started off strongly but demand levelled off—the market is just too competitive. Borgward was priced at a premium, and despite some German tech and overall competence, I think buyers realized it was a Chinese brand with no real input from an established foreign car maker.

    You probably know Foton offloaded its 67 per cent shareholding to a ride-sharing service, Ucar, which used the Borgward SUVs. But having those on the fleet only meant a short-term rise in sales. No one really went for them. Ucar’s CEO was being investigated as well by the authorities, so Borgward was a casualty of inattention.

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