As we grow and chart a new direction, a fresh site for JY&A Media

Old and new JY&A Media websites
JY&A Media has a new website, to tie in with the new direction we have for the business.

I think it was evident that when we created the Autocade Yearbook and built our e-commerce shop, Libriz, that things were changing. Whereas JYA Creative and JY&A Fonts work with clients to help realize their branding, design and marketing work, JY&A Media didn’t fit in neatly with that. Working with an independent marketing colleague (even companies with this speciality need a second opinion), we began looking at our vision, strategy, and positioning.

That work is continuing, but for now, pop over to our new site at (much easier to remember). We have been behind a lot of publications over the years, being best known for Lucire. However, with Autocade being more than the online resource, and with our first non-fiction book independent of our own brands on sale (a paperback version of Panos: My Life, My Odyssey), this is an area we’re growing more in future. We’ve been planning another book to follow up on titles already on sale on Libriz.

We also wanted to make our licensing and joint-venture activities explicitly clear for existing and potential B2B customers.

One thing that our titles have in common is bringing light and knowledge to our readers, hence our new tagline, ‘The joy of knowledge’. This has come in part from readers, who regularly tell us that they read our publications ‘from cover to cover’. My feeling is if you’re going to spend time with us, then we need to make it fruitful and enjoyable.

So it’s farewell to the old media directory on the main domain (since 1999—really!) as JY&A Media gets its own site, and we create a new path toward the future. I hope you like the new site!

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