Google’s had issues with PHP pages for a long, long time

From me, link removed. Guess what year?

There is one thing Google does not seem to do very well any more: search.

That’s an exaggeration, but I have been really surprised at things that it has failed to find of late. For example: stuff on this blog. It is not to do with age: Google finds the older entries from this blog without any problems (despite the Blogrolling issue noted above). Those older entries were compiled using Google-owned Blogger, when it still offered FTP publishing. The entries, like this one, which have been put together with Wordpress, cannot be found readily (if at all). Could it be because so many of my Wordpress entries here have been anti-Google? Duck Duck Go and Bing do not seem to discriminate between Blogger- and Wordpress-compiled content on this site.

The year: 2010.

I had forgotten I wrote this till I stumbled across it earlier today. Google’s always had trouble with PHP, or at least, it did when I wrote this post in 2010. It’s nothing new.

It just happened to be less obvious back then because Google hadn’t enshittified as much.

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