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The most watched among my 2013 mayoral campaign videos: my belief that Wellington needs to be connected globally. I still believe this to be the case.


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I congratulate Celia Wade-Brown on her re-election. I thank all supporters for their vote, and while it was not a victory for us, rest assured that I will advance as many of our policies as possible. Wellington means a great deal to us all, and I will discuss with the Mayor on how we can lift our economy and promote a greater sense of unity in our city. These ideas are not proprietary, they are for our city, and I believe they deserve a life beyond a mayoral campaign.

It’s been a fantastic campaign from April to October 2013, one which we conducted with integrity, openness and transparency. My gratitude to my campaign team, led by Hamish McConnochie, and Rhonda Grant, Stuart Cowley, Sopheak Seng, Dr Sapna Samant, Stephen Olsen, Pamela Baron-Archer, Andrew Mahoney, Andy Boreham, David Rose, and so many more people; to my endorsers, Sir Michael Fowler, Ruth Gotlieb, Hamish Edwards, Hayley Robinson, Rochelle Furneaux, Claudia Jaffe; to Krishna Magan and Hadleigh Petherick for their contributions; to Tania Siladi and Brent Wong for being there for two campaigns; to Isaac Cleland and his video crew and Komako Silver; to Tom Reidy and the whole Catalyst90 team; and to the citizens and voters of Wellington and the many supporters beyond. My thanks to you all.



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Some of my businesses are outlined here. Each one of my ventures in my career, dating back to 1987, has had an international component.





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I’ll continue the video section of my site, even though at present, the contents are all related to my 2013 mayoral campaign. Please enjoy the handiwork of Isaac Cleland, Komako Silver, Catalyst90 and their teams—I’m really impressed with the work they put in.

Video no. 8: Uniting the council
If a mayor should helm a united Wellington City Council, then recent history shows that being a former councillor may do more harm than good. Since the 1989 local government reforms, the majority of Wellington’s mayors have not been councillors. It’s about building a good relationship between all councillors, council officers and ratepayers. Directed by Komako Silver.