I don’t do paid blog posts here (so don’t ask)

I know we all get these emails from time to time, but they still annoy me.
   If ‘Peter’ had visited this blog, he would know that every single post since 2006 has been my own, unpaid, unsponsored thoughts. Why would I change that now?
   You may say it’s a fair question, and maybe in his case it is, if I had to be generous. Peter mightn’t have had the time to analyse every entry I’ve made.
   But it’s not just this one. Medinge gets these requests, too: again, it’s not something you would have asked if you had actually visited the site, when everything on the blog has been members-only, and when the philosophy of the organization would probably tell you that we couldn’t be bought or endorse any products.
   The most ridiculous would be Beyond Branding’s blog getting these requests—when that blog hasn’t been updated since 2006. We were still receiving requests in 2017.
   I know, some of these people found us through blog directories, and there was probably an email address tied to each entry.
   However, if they haven’t the courtesy to check us out, can I really trust that they would even pay up? And if Peter were legit, these unsolicited approaches have been coloured by the ridiculous ones we receive for a blog that hasn’t been updated in 11 (and almost 12) years.
Incidentally, our commercial publications do carry paid content, and advertorials (‘native advertising’), by law, are clearly marked as such.

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2 thoughts on “I don’t do paid blog posts here (so don’t ask)

  1. Soooo… I shouldn’t chuck a post over the transom and wait for you to slip me a few bills under the door?

    “Anti-submission guidelines” – how is a writer to accumulate enough rejection slips to wallpaper the bathroom this way, Jack?


    GREAT POST. Thanking you for the complete informations. Do write again some time. I am telling my friend he should read you. But I am thinking this advice not correct in 2012. Do you have more updated informs?

  2. I know this was in jest, but between friends, I wouldn’t charge to endorse something I believed in on this blog. I think this is where some of today’s social media “celebrities” have it wrong—they want to get paid, but if every image is a selfie endorsing something, then how authentic is it? At least here, people know it’s me, and they can take the good with the bad. Happily, your last paragraph did not trigger Akismet!

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