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Thanks for popping by to my site. Please feel free to send your feedback to us here.
   I welcome messages about policy, my agenda, philanthropy, conferences, public speaking engagements you’d like to book me in for, business movements and related matters. I check this form manually, so if you wish to contact me for company matters, I will still read your message.
   You can reach me at jack.yan@jyanet.com, via my office at +64 4 387-3213.

But if you can help send messages on to other parts of the firm, please do.
   If you’ve a message directed to my ventures such as Lucire, please click here.
   For other contact points, I can be reached by snail mail at my company’s addresses or through the information request form at Jack Yan & Associates.

LinkedIn users: see my profile here.

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You can also reach me by post:
Jack Yan
PO Box 14-368
Wellington 6241
New Zealand