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Since 2001, I’ve been speaking internationally. Below are some of my speeches. As with the articles’ page, this is not an exhaustive list.


‘A journey in personal branding’
Leadership and Development Conference, New Zealand Chinese Association, Auckland, New Zealand
February 10, 2011

   Discussing with a young audience what it means to grow up as a Chinese New Zealander, and my mayoral run.

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Mayoral forum
Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, Wellington, New Zealand
September 7, 2010

   The second debate of my mayoral campaign. Each of the candidates had his or her own main points to share. While I never delivered these addresses or debating points verbatim, I had a series of main points based around these notes.

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Branding round-table
La Sorbonne–CELSA campus, Levallois, Paris
January 29, 2010

   With my colleagues at the Medinge Group, delivering to an advanced marketing class on branding thought, led by my fellow directors Pierre d’Huy and Medinge CEO Stanley Moss.


‘Social media and democracy’
Unplugged Speeches, Regina Stockholms Operamathus, Stockholm, Sweden
January 26, 2010

   Heading back to Sweden to talk about Sweden, the questioning of the capitalist system, social responsibility, social media and my mayoral campaign.

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‘Branding trends and Sweden’
Marknadsföreningen i Malmö, Malmö, Sweden, and Marknadsföreningen i Nord Ost Skåne, Kristianstad, Sweden
January 21–2, 2010

   Discussing the democratization of branding and how the world is moving toward a Swedish model.

‘Building brands in an era of social networking’
Tourism Tech 1, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Christchurch, New Zealand
October 5, 2009
   Social media discussed again, but this time tailored to the travel industry. This talk included a brief primer on branding and discussed the raison d’être behind social media.

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‘Fashion, branding and the media in 2009’
FINZ: the Future of Fashion II, CPIT, Christchurch, New Zealand
August 7, 2009

   The fashion industry needs to look at new techniques to get itself known in tougher times. I talk about consumer engagement and allude to the need to band together to create a national brand for the industry.

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‘Increasing marketing through social media’
The National Bank Seminar Series, Wellington, New Zealand
July 23, 2009

   Brands connect organization to audience, and Twitter and Facebook are media through which they can be communicated. I discuss how these help with differentiation and why they fit with the overall trend toward audience engagement.

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‘Strategy, trends and the marketing man’
Global MDP, Proton Business School, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
December 26, 2008

   What marketing trends are driving us right now? And, with the financial world being in turmoil, what lessons does branding have for us? An incredible trip to India to discuss branding, marketing strategy and even nation branding, in two sessions for the Proton Business School. Students there gave some of the most intelligent post-talk questions, which suggests to me that Proton, and India, will go far.

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‘Going global’
Bananas New Zealand Going Global conference, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
August 19, 2007

   What will mainstream culture look like and what is the impact of the Chinese race on it? I explore this as the closing address for the third Bananas two-day conference.

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‘That vision thing’
New Zealand Trade & Enterprise–Dunedin Fashion Incubator address for Vodafone ID Dunedin Fashion Week, Dunedin, New Zealand
March 7, 2007

   Back to Dunedin for an address on vision, the New Zealand nation brand, creating a business and marketing to media.

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‘From Jack Yan & Associates to Lucire in print’
Elevate, Creative HQ, Wellington, New Zealand
April 20, 2005
I talk about how Lucire started and what prompted me to take the magazine into print. Click here for the presentation slides.


‘The business of branding’
Australian Graphic Design Association, Victoria chapter, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
November 16, 2004
   Branding is at the crossroads again. Every decade, someone says branding will become more caring, but what’s really changed? Yet some of the best branding techniques have been used by evil: al-Qaeda is a brand, but its tools can be used for good. Click here for the slides.

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Lucire: extending a brand from web to print’
Sales & Marketing Institute, Auckland, New Zealand
May 11, 2004

   Should Lucire become a print magazine, what in branding will help shift it from being online-only? Click here for the slides.

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Lucire: promoting fashion through uncharted waters’
New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Fashion–Apparel Workshop, Dunedin, New Zealand
March 12, 2004

   What does it take to create a brand like Lucire and to export it beyond New Zealand’s borders? I discuss branding and the essence of New Zealand business. Click here for the slides.

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Lucire, fashion and media’
Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
March 8, 2004

   A guest lecture for the Apparel Industry 1 class on the structure of the fashion industry as seen through the experiences of Lucire.

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‘Trends in fashion branding’
Fashion Lab, L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week, Auckland, New Zealand
October 23, 2003

   I was the first speaker at Fashion Lab during LNZFW. Click here for my slides.

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‘Integrating branding for business performance’
Pack and Brand conference, BrightStar, Auckland, New Zealand
October 13, 2003

   A semi-introductory session on branding, with some of my latest concepts thrown in.

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‘The Swedenization of branding: one year on’
Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
September 1, 2003

   Delivered in Swedish and English, Jack’s latest speech updating MIS on branding in 2003 and the moves toward incorporating ethics and social responsibility. Produced by Stefan Engeseth.

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‘Branding to youth: the forces at work’
SMEI, Auckland, New Zealand
March 11, 2003

   Marketing to Generation Y requires more than everyday sales savvy: corporate social responsibility is at the core.

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‘Confucianism and branding’
Medinge conference on branding, Medinge, Sweden
June 28, 2002

   Participated at a conference in Sweden with authors and consultants Chris Macrae, Tim Kitchin, Thomas Gad, Anette Rosencreutz, Nicholas Gad, Sicco van Gelder, John Moore, Lars Rystadius.

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‘The Swedenization of branding’
Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
June 25, 2002

   One of the most highly rated guest spots for MIS—and the first by a foreigner—attended by Accenture, Financial Times, TV4, Saab Avionics and other leading organizations.

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‘Online branding’
National College of Design & Technology first annual conference, Wellington, New Zealand
August 2001

   A highly acclaimed half-hour guest speaking spot.


‘Typography and type design’
AII Massachusetts Communications College, Brookline, Mass.
July 2001

   Fundamentals of typography and its connections to the real world, with humour: discussion of election campaigns and advertising.


‘Online branding: an antipodean experience’
[email protected] conference, Seoul, Korea
July 5, 2001

   How dot coms Down Under became internationally successful.

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‘Global fashion branding’
7×7 seminar, Wellington, New Zealand
April 30, 2001

   Discussing global fashion branding and Lucire’s success. Videotaped.



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