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Shot for Te Papa Tongarewa’s Chinese Languages in Aotearoa project. I’m proud of my roots and this video, directed by Yong-Le Chong, highlight them.


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Welcome to my site.


I wrote the following for this page in 2018, and not much has changed in the ensuing years: ‘We’ve passed peak Facebook and peak Twitter, we’re seeing people take charge of their identities, and social networking itself is democratizing. Corporate brands are trying to speak more personally, because some social media have ensured that their voices are no greater than an individual’s. Politicians in some countries are not working in their citizens’ interests, though there are some glimmers of hope in some nations that prosperity can be shared both more freely and more equally, and powerful interests can be held to account. The old saying, “Change is the only constant,” holds truer than ever, which means new ideas have become ever more important—and many will come from a creative dialogue between us all.’

At this site, I will share my ideas when I can, and I look forward to your thoughts.



Global experience


Some of my businesses are outlined here. Each one of my ventures in my career, dating back to 1987, has had an international component.





My blog updates are below.