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When I have a section called ‘Friends’, I don’t mean six white kids in New York living fairly racially segregated lives. These are a small selection of the people who are in similar jobs to me, so here’s my chance to pay tribute to them.

Hugh Derham, Natcoll
For a guy who calls himself ‘The Old Man’, Hugh’s vision is directed at the young, with educational programmes that are courageous, thanks to his passion.

Amanda Dolheguy, Jack Yan & Associates and Delineate
The Panda is one of the most amazing folks I know—multidisciplined, multitalented, and brings out some of the good humour we have at this company.

Nigel Dunn, JY&A Media
The more I work with Nigel, the more I realize the guy thinks along the same lines as I do: spiritual, willing to put in the hours, and change the world because of a sense of personal justice. Right now, he’s entered a search engine optimization contest: click here for more info.

Stefan Engeseth: Detective Marketing
Stefan’s book has been called a ‘business bible’ by a very famous magazine. In it, he advocates new ideas about marketing and one-ness with the customer. But more importantly, he is one of the most genuine people I know on this planet, period. A man with great heart and great character.

Carolyn Enting, The Dominion Post
The most ethical and professional journalist I know, bar none, Carolyn is a fashion specialist. When Lucire extends into print, I don’t think I’ll need to look far for an editor-in-chief. If she’s willing.

Ann Fryer, Lucire
My lifeline to New York, Ann has done such a marvellous job for us at Lucire. A true friend.

Thomas Gad and Anette Rosencreutz, Brandflight
Not only are they fantastic hosts and authors, but two of the best epicures in the Nordic countries. Thank you for the lovely dinners!

Sicco van Gelder, Brand Meta
Sicco is one of the most well-travelled global branding experts I know and has a better mastery of accents than you can imagine.

Portia Holt, Lucire
The woman who set a lot of Lucire policies in action.

Ami Hovstadius
I met Ami through Thomas and Anette in 2003—a real professional from the dot-se days and formerly of Altavista and Microsoft, now branching out on her own

Nicholas Ind, Futurebrand Oslo
One of the most accomplished authors in branding.

Tim Kitchin, Surprisingly Reasonable
Tim has an ability to summarize the most complex concepts in mind maps that work—and add to that his accomplishments in branding. Showed me that there are really smart guys out there.

Chris Macrae, ValueTrue.com
Chris’s ValueTrue movement aims to bring the humanity back in to the valuation of corporations. Not only that, he’s the true English gentleman. A nice bloke.

John Moore, Ourhouse
A prime mover in the authenticity stakes: bringing reality back to business and branding.

Stanley Moss, Diganzi
I’m pretty sure they named Dustin Hoffman’s Wag the Dog character after Stanley. A pragmatic professional who sees great potential in how groups such as Medinge can change the world. Well travelled and understands that there is more than a monoculture on this planet.

Luke Nicholson, Ethical Media
This is one smart bloke—not only a great communicator but someone truly concerned that media portray honest images

Panos Papadopoulos, Panos Emporio
Not many fashion designers rank right up there on my ethical list, but Panos is one of the exceptions. Not only does he care about the welfare of people, including in his adopted homeland of Sweden, but does so with a passion.

Cindy Prince, Inlivingcolor
Cindy is a wonderfully spiritual artist and poet living in Arkansas and recently opened her online store—her first taste at retail. I wish her well!

Chase Rogers, FuelFactor
Not only does she understand design—one peek at her web site will convince you—but she understands the properties of healing. And she can tie them together.

Briar Shaw, Crank Angel Galleries
A talented photographer establishing herself in the fashion biz.

Peter Singer, Typos
A genuine nice guy and my contact in Zürich. Peter knows a lot about type, having been the main Berthold distributor in the days before DTP. I would say he still knows more than the average type nut when it comes to fonts.

Jennifer Springgay, Jack Yan & Associates
Not too sure which surname to use now that she’s also Mrs H., but Jen doubles as Agnetha and Baby Spice, and has her own group, Avidiva, when she’s not here at Jack Yan & Associates.


You won't catch Tom Peters doing

Stefan Engeseth
Stefan Engeseth, Stockholm, June 2002
I’m not sure if you’ll spot Tom Peters in this pose, but here is management consultant and jantelagen-breaking Stefan Engeseth in a candid moment. We found this second-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo on the Stockholm wharves and it appealed to our weird tastes. From memory, the bumper sticker he is pointing at reads, ‘How’s my driving? / Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT’. Du kan betala notan.

Lucire fifth anniversary après-midi, Auckland, October 2002
Too early to be a soirée, though with similar food and more than enough of the lovely Black Rose Marlborough Cuvée 1996. Some of the folks who are listed on this page popped by to the first part of L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week. Helen Baxter, Briar Shaw, Carolyn Enting, Billy Zamoisky and Sally-ann Moffat, plus Billy’s daughter at right, all at my Auckland pad. Thanks to Sally-ann for helping do the preps for this function.

Medinge Group conference on branding, Medinge, Sweden, August 2003
Another photo of me and some decent plonk, this time some nice Arrowood that Stanley Moss had shipped in from the US. From left: self, Sicco van Gelder (awaiting his Global Brand Strategy, which would be delivered two days later), Luke Nicholson and John Moore.


Stefan Engeseth’s Detective Marketing

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Eugene Jaffe and Israel Nebenzahl’s National Image and Competitive Advantage
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Thomas Gad and Anette Rosencreutz’s Managing Brand Me
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Stefan Engeseth’s Detective Marketing site is filled with marketing gems to support his book

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