Photograph of Jack Yan by Jennifer Springgay Stockholm, Sverige
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This is a fun page of snapshots taken by others of me goofing around. Some have been published; most have been taken by professional journalists. You may want to start with the bottom pic and move up as the page is in reverse chronological order.

Wellington, June 2010
I love this photograph that ran in Fishhead. Sarah Burton photographed me, and I wound up licensing this photograph as my official campaign image in the election handbook.
Wellington, June 2010
Campaigning for Mayor of Wellington and wearing the superscarf. Talking to Laura Frykberg of TV3. Photographed by Stephen Olsen.
Wellington, June 2010
Judging Miss Universe New Zealand 2010, as head of the panel. With Samantha Hannah, Evana Patterson, Dina Janse von Rensburg and Carl Manderson. Photographed by Jin Cowan.
Paris, January 2010
Addressing a class at the Sorbonne’s CELSA campus, discussing branding and talking up Wellington as a creative city. On my left are Stanley Moss, CEO of the Medinge Group, Dr Nicholas Ind, and Thomas Gad. Photographed by Cat Soubbotnik.
Paris, January 2010
A day before the Medinge Group’s Brands with a Conscience Awards, I address my colleagues at MIP Paris. Photographed by Cat Soubbotnik.
Stockholm, January 2010
Returning to Sweden to give a series of speeches in Malmö, Kristianstad and Stockholm. I’m pictured here with my good friend Stefan Engeseth in the first of his Unplugged Speeches series at Spaghettioperan Regina, photographed by Martin Lindeskog.
Wellington, October 2009
Photographed by Snap Star’s Dave Zander with Michelle Kleinsmith at the Wellington Young Professionals’ first anniversary, at St John’s Bar.
2009 publicity photograph Wellington, July 2009
I think this is going to be my new publicity photograph. Doug Rimington shot this, as with my 2007 one—this time I am behind the wheel of a BMW 335d. Probably need a goatee to be a convincing Semir Gerkhan.
Levin, April 2009
With fellow judge Evana Patterson and pageant director Val Lott at Miss Universe New Zealand 2009, held this year in Levin.
Wellington, February 2009
Not sure how much you can see of us, at a dinner at Kazu, photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian. From left: Bruno Maag of Dalton Maag, Tessa Bailey-Lont, self, Christian Schwartz of Schwartzco and Philip Tan.
Jack Yan at Proton Business School, Indore Indore, Madhya Pradesh, December 2008
Giving a Global MDP (Management Development Programme) presentation to the students at Proton Business School, Indore, on marketing strategy, trends and Indian brands, and how to weather a global financial crisis. Covered in the local media at the time. This photograph is courtesy the school.
Capital Times image: Jack Yan and the Voons Wellington, November 2008
With my friends the Voons at the launch of the 2009 Chinese New Year Festival: Sophie and Douglas are the proud parents of Poppy (in foreground) and Olive (best vantage point in the room). Published in Capital Times, vol. 34, no. 6, December 3, 2008, p. 19.
Jack Yan, Samantha Powell, May Davis Auckland, April 2008
After the judging: with Miss Universe New Zealand 2008 Samantha Powell and fellow judge May Davis at the Novotel Ellerslie. Photographed by Allan Parker.
Jack Yan and Laural Barrett Auckland, July 2007
With Laural Barrett at the Cadbury Dream Model Search ’07 at Old Sofrana House, photographed by Norrie Montgomery. Photograph copyrighted to Norrie Montgomery—for the full-size version, please contact him for licensing.
Jack Yan and John Rowles Lower Hutt, April 2007
With singer John Rowles in the make-up room at Avalon during my former gig at Good Morning, photographed by Deb Knowles.
Caleigh Cheung and Jack Yan Auckland, March 2007
With my friend and occasional Lucire correspondent, actress Caleigh Cheung (Ride with the Devil, Shortland Street), at the Quadrant Hotel, photographed by Alistair Kwun. I was coming down with a cold at this point after the “big wet” in Auckland the day before.
Jack Yan and Renault Mégane Estate Hautvillers, Marne, November 2006
This was originally intended to be my new press photograph, to thank Renault for its generosity for lending me a Mégane 1·9 dCi Estate for an extended test through the French countryside. Scarf by Swanndri by Karen Walker, and shirt and jeans bought that week at C&A.
Jack Yan at L'Oréal Colour Trophy Auckland, July 2006
Presenting the Lucire Fashion Magazine Award at L’Oréal Colour Trophy at the Aotea Centre. Mandatory from head to toe. The award was won by Jock Robson of Dharma. Twelve hundred audience? Easy. Photographed by Nicola Topping for L’Oréal.
Dunedin, March 2006
At the night of the Vodafone Emerging Designers’ Awards—the judging panel (which includes yours truly, far right) and a few of the finalists pose for the media. The first-place winners weren’t in this shot, and I know one of them was far too squiffy to do so. Published in International Textiles, April 2006.
Jack Yan and Audoin de Dampierre Auckland, March 2006
With le Comte Audoin de Dampierre, discussing Aston Martins and their standard equipment—en français. The Comte has probably owned more Astons and Lagondas than anyone in France. Interestingly, my French accent was closer to his than to the Frenchman in the street; it was refreshing to note that the Embassy was right all along. The white shirt and prime ministerial tie return. Photographed by Matt Clark.
Jack Yan and Aston Martin V8 Vantage Auckland, March 2006
This is one of my favourite pics, at the helm of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Photographed by Matt Clark. It reminds me of one taken of Fangio, except I don’t make driving look cool like he did. For some reason this photograph means more to me than those that featured yours truly driving other luxury brands.
Jack Yan and Aston Martin V8 Vantage Waitakere, March 2006
Photographed by Helen and Chelfyn Baxter, after a quick drive to Waitakere on the way to Bethells Beach near Auckland. Chelfyn is a superb driver who actually stayed up with me and this Aston Martin V8 Vantage till I got to stretches where I opened the car up—and never looked back.
Melbourne, January 2006
Flattered to be photographed in a foreign country again, considering I am only really known in Australia for my typeface designs and Desktop magazine column. Here I’m with David Witko and Khi Robertson, modelling Rado watches, at the Australian Open.
Jack Yan and Hilary Timmins, photographed October 11, 2005 for 'About Town' Auckland, October 2005
Photographed by Norrie Montgomery for the Sunday Star–Times’ ‘About Town’ supplement. It’s a tough job, but someone has to be photographed with Hilary. We’re celebrating Lucire’s first year in print amongst the magazine’s home crowd at BoConcept in Auckland, New Zealand on October 11, 2005. I’m wearing Mandatory again.
Headway spring 2004, p. 127 Auckland, July 2004
One of the few mementos of the night since my camera set-up went kaput: the flash didn’t fire when I tried to get some images of Amber Peebles in the newly launched Ford Territory we drove to the Sky Tower. Amber’s red, draped dress is designed by her. This was at the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy in New Zealand, published in Headway’s spring 2004 edition and photographed by the magazine’s editor Charmaine Guest.
Jack Yan and Imogen Ovens Dunedin, March 2004
Destined for The Otago Daily Times, a photograph by Karl Priston of me and Imogen Ovens (wearing Ivy, designed by Cat Callanan). We were doing a shoot for Lucire after ID Dunedin Fashion Week. This was not my coat: Aliana Nicolls felt that my one wasn’t quite right and I wound up wearing it.
Jack Yan and Meg Kane Auckland, October 2003
Published in Apparel, November 2003 (which is why the number appears in the top left-hand corner), a photo of me and Meg Kane in the L’Oréal Paris Powder Room during Fashion Week. Meg came in as my Auckland PA during Fashion Week and is living proof of the “small world” theory: she’s the first cousin of my best friend’s fiancée (the couple were killed in 1999 in an auto accident) and was a former student of mine. This photograph was taken by Robin Smith.
Jack Yan at Basil's, Marquette Hotel, Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, Minn., September 2003
You’re going to make it after all. Sitting at the Mary Tyler Moore Table at Basil’s, the restaurant at which you can see the fictional Mary Richards have lunch with a male friend in the opening credits (1972 on) of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It’s inside the Marquette Hotel on, of course, Marquette, in downtown Minneapolis. Can’t believe I have worn the same shirt in two consecutive photographs. Yes, I do own others.
Jack Yan in downtown Helsinki, Finland, with Peugeot 307 HDI Helsinki, September 2003
I make it as far as Helsinki from Paris in my Peugeot 307. Photographed by Stefan Engeseth, who had to give two speeches in the city. We were surprised at the straightforwardness of the Finns, while stunned at the beauty of Sonia, the information-counter girl at Stockmann. This became my press photograph for the next two years. Same jeans as in the picture below, probably still unwashed.
Jack Yan at Medinge, with Peugeot 307 HDI Medinge, Sweden, August 2003
The first day of this year’s Medinge think-tank. Stanley Moss (who took the photo) and I arrive first, probably thanks to my driving and dodging speed cameras newly installed by the Swedish police. Well, most of the folks probably thought I was French and put it down to southern charm.
Jack Yan and Hilary Timmins at Te Papa Wellington, July 2003
Back in Wellington and needing my mid-year summer—at the tail end of the the longest period I have stayed in New Zealand in my working life. Hilary and I attended the Japonism in Fashion exhibition opening at Te Papa. Despite all my jokes (‘Whatever you do, don’t mention the war’), I have a major admiration for Japanese art and more so its fashion.
Stockholm, July 2002
“Working away at the office”, photographed by Stefan Engeseth. I neglected to mark on the floor ‘Jack Yan was here 2002’ but there’s always next year.
Stockholm, June 2002
Photographed by Stefan Engeseth, during a private joke about Ted Lange’s Isaac Washington character on The Love Boat.



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