Individuals and companies come to me for the following.


Expert witness

I am available to provide expert testimony on trade mark and branding cases. I have been a witness on cases in the US and New Zealand for over two decades. It’s very unusual for someone of my experience in branding, fashion media, typeface design and publishing to hold a law degree with an extensive knowledge of intellectual property. When you combine 30-plus years’ experience in the branding and design worlds with a law degree, it gives a client an edge.


Legal opinions

Again for the reasons outlined above, I can author legal opinions on typeface design matters, as well as give legal advice.


Director and trustee

I am open to additional director and trustee positions provided there are no conflicts of interest with my existing ones. Outside of my businesses, currently I serve as a director for Medinge Group, incorporated in England as the Medinge Foundation Ltd., and Insight Creative Ltd. in New Zealand. I also serve on trusts and incorporated societies.



I am commercially available for individuals and businesses who want friendly, considered, specialist advice. People usually come to me for start-up, marketing and branding advice. I joined Business Mentors New Zealand in 2006 and did their course in January 2007. As a charity, I volunteered with them for 17 years. In 2013, I was a foundation mentor for Victoria University of Wellington’s Alumni as Mentors programme, and am unique in serving every year to date.


TV and radio

TV3 interview

I regularly comment on television and radio, having hosted a segment on a TVNZ network in 2006–7, invited to speak on Aljazeera English in 2007–8, and, from 2020, became one of the panellists on Radio New Zealand’s The Panel. You can see some of my prior experience here.


Public speaker

I am available to speak around the world on my specialist topics. A selection of earlier talks can be found here.


For branding projects, my colleagues and I can help through JY&A Consulting.

For custom fonts, you can reach us at JY&A Fonts.

For contract publishing and licensing, you can reach us at JY&A Media or Lucire’s business site.

However, I recognize customers come first, so if you want to use the feedback form on this site instead, rest assured I will read it.