Summer Rayne Oakes

‘Jack is one of the most upstanding citizens and forward-thinking publishing innovators that I've worked with. Lucire was one of the first fashion partners of the United Nations Environment Programme, far before it was trendy to be “environmentally conscious”. I’ve enjoyed working with Jack over these years and would highly recommend his services and leadership to anyone in his industry.’

Summer Rayne Oakes


‘Meeting Jack on this think-tank was one of the best introductions of my life. Incredibly bright, positive, passionate and bursting with humour, his knowledge of brand dimensions is vast and his willingness to share and “connect” is unrivalled.

‘Jack is the most globally aware and functioning CEO I know. His knowledge of matters relating to brand is extensive and to work with him is to experience the delights of a brilliant, witty and fun human being.’

Ian Ryder
Visiting Professor, Cranfield University


Carolyn Enting

‘Jack is one of those extraordinary people who always keeps his word. He is totally honest and trustworthy, and a visionary to boot. I have the utmost respect for him as a person, and his magazine, Lucire, which started life as a web magazine and has now grown into an incredible print title.’

Carolyn Enting
Editor-in-chief, Good magazine


‘Jack Yan is doing the impossible with Lucire—and it will work because he's good at doing the impossible. Talented, creative and a visionary, Jack is a solid professional—but one you can always count on to be well out in front of any pack.’

Francis Till


‘Jack Yan’s combination of brand theories and creative thoughts, specially within the field of cultural differences and consumer insights, gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to develop strong brand personalities that connect to … consumers’ minds and hearts.’

Rosie Kropp
Vice-President, Global Head of Brand Marketing, Ericsson


‘Jack Yan: un acuto osservatore dei fenomeni della globalizzazione, dei diritti umani e di altri problemi, ma dal punto di vista del branding e della comunicazione. Un’ottima fonte di spunti.’

Federico Fasce


‘Jack’s speech was very entertaining and inspiring, and it was the kind that made you want to get out of your seat and start doing great things.’

Katie Martin, writing in Thread


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