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Watch and share my campaign videos. They can be viewed full-screen, or you can share each video by clicking on each one, then hit the ‘Share’ or ‘Embed’ buttons that appear on the top right-hand side. Alternatively, you can share this page with the links at left.


Video no. 8: Uniting the council

If a mayor should helm a united Wellington City Council, then recent history shows that being a former councillor may do more harm than good. Since the 1989 local government reforms, the majority of Wellington’s mayors have not been councillors. It’s about building a good relationship between all councillors, council officers and ratepayers. Directed by Komako Silver.


Video no. 7: Celebrating unity and creativity

It may be New Zealand Fashion Week in Auckland this week, but here’s a reminder that there’s plenty of style in Wellington. Isaac Cleland, Khadeeja Dean and Lawrance Simpson filmed my fund-raiser at Soi Cafe Bar in July, a celebration of unity and creativity in our city—with some of the proceeds going to CanTeen, the only New Zealand organization that supports young people aged 13–24 living with cancer. Sopheak Seng styled using local and international designers, James Butters of Arcana Imperii produced, while the models were represented by Kirsty Bunny Management.


Video no. 6: Voting for innovative, creative-sector experience

If we need to grow our creative, innovative and high-tech sectors, then it makes sense to elect the one candidate who has real experience of them. Directed by Komako Silver.


Video no. 5: Our next mayor needs to promote Wellington globally

We’re in a global society, so our next mayor needs to have international experience and can bridge cultures well. Directed by Isaac Cleland, with sound by Khadeeja Dean.


Video no. 4: Judging Miromoda, celebrating creativity and unity

Because I’ve created businesses in the creative sector, I feel it’s my duty to give back and encourage others. In the fashion sector, I have supported Miromoda since its inception and judged the majority of its competitions. Isaac Cleland and Khadeeja Dean catch me at an event which brings together our country’s most talented Māori designers at Pipitea Marae.


Video no. 3: Hearing your alcohol policy concerns first-hand

With the local alcohol policy, there’s no substitute for listening to Wellingtonians and getting their feedback first-hand. I work behind the bar at Dragonfly to talk directly to voters. Lorraine Downes and Martin Crowe pay a visit after the launch of Martin’s autobiography Raw. Directed by Isaac Cleland, with Lawrance Simpson as director of photography and editor, and Khadeeja Dean on sound.


Video no. 2: Responding to the PM’s ‘dying’ comments

Giving Wellington a voice while other politicians stayed silent, and filmed the day of Prime Minister John Key’s statement that Wellington is ‘dying’. I ask some Cuba Street business owners what they think about his claim. Concept by Hamish McConnochie, filmed by Andy Boreham.


Video no. 1: You can’t beat Wellington

Announcing my candidacy for the 2013 Wellington mayoral campaign. Unscripted, and filmed by Komako Silver, with the assistance of the Catalyst90 team. Motion graphics by Latham Arnott (and reused in subsequent videos).