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When the parties uploaded their opening statements to their YouTube accounts

This is when each political party uploaded their opening broadcasts to their official YouTube accounts. Ideally, they should have gone up on Saturday night, when they were broadcast on television, as that was when those of us online were hunting for them. (TVNZ did not have these up on demand on the night, either, but they are there now.)
   My thoughts: if you don’t go after the online audience, you are missing out on voters. Is this indicative of how you see the internet?
   And, of course, if you make these videos available, they can be shared (as I have now done at the bottom of this post).

Labour: went live on the night
Greens: went live on the night
Internet Mana: went live on the night
United Future: Sunday
Conservatives: Tuesday noon to Colin Craig’s own account (which appears to be the de facto Conservative account, as I cannot find others)
National: not there
ACT: not there
Democrats for Social Credit: not there
Māori Party: not there

Those who have bothered with uploads to their YouTube accounts feature below.



Internet Mana

United Future


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