Twenty years of blogging

First up, as I’ve publicly posted this and have helped out myself, my friend and colleague Hasan Abu Afash is in Palestine, and I don’t need to tell you what he and his people are facing. If you can help out, here’s a link to his Paypal.   Apparently, August 11, 2023 marked my 20 […]

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Healthy jumps

  Some impressive stats from all of you out there in cyberspace: thank you! Autocade’s counter is currently at 6,784,553. When I last blogged about reader stats on the 22nd, it was 6,444,257. (These numbers begin counting from when the site was reinstalled in February 2022.) As the counter only updates once a day, we […]

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Hellos and goodbyes

Twenty twenty-three, what a year. I’ve met some amazing people this year, a lot of whom are in the public service. You know who you are. I am happy to know you. Those who champion the good in our society. Those who offer alternatives to things that harm society. Those who create good in this […]

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Who leads when the house of cards falls?

Scott Burchill makes a good analysis in Pearls and Irritations on how the US is ‘a rogue state’ and becoming a pariah (alongside Israel) over recent events in Gaza, and how its influence is waning. It’s hard to argue with a lot of his points; certainly here, with the exception of some politicians who either […]

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First customer copy off the press

They’re out there in the wild now. Stewart Sims was our first Autocade Yearbook customer and he’s just posted photos of his copy on Mastodon. Thank you, Stewart!     PS.: Flâneur over at that other site had also posted his copy. Thank you!   You may also like Introducing Autocade in print Happy birthday: […]

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Autocade reaches 34 million page views

  We crossed the 34 million page view mark at Autocade a few days ago, with the counter currently on 6,444,257. Add that to the 27,647,011 that we netted before the old server was decommissioned, that’s 34,091,268. The site is sitting on 4,872 models, quite a few of which were uploaded while I put together […]

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Introducing Autocade in print

  There’s a lot to report now that the news is public: Autocade is more than the online encyclopædia, it’s also a print yearbook. I’m happy to say it has been launched, after ironing out some tech issues, and there has been good interest in the new publication. You can read a bit more about […]

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IKCO’s saloons race up Autocade’s leaderboard

  This is quite remarkable: some of Autocade’s pages on various IKCO saloons have been there for a long time, but suddenly they’re appearing on the top part of the leaderboard. The IKCO Samand is at 7,034 views since the February 2022 reinstallation. That makes it the third most-read model page on the site, and […]

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Two days wasted thanks to Asus ROG Armoury Crate

I’m recording this in case it happens to others. Yesterday, Windows 11 began to hang. Not in the traditional sense where everything froze. I had about a minute where things worked. I could open Vivaldi and Eudora, and within those I could still do some things. Eudora was pretty stable, which is a sign of […]

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Refreshing the body type on the Lucire site

EB Garamond 12 on the Lucire website.   Not exactly earth-shattering news, but we’ve changed the body type on the Lucire website from Bembo to EB Garamond 12. The cut of Bembo that we had didn’t feature macronized vowels—a big omission here in Aotearoa—though most recently it was a Latvian name, Elīna Arāja, which it […]

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