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Be careful who sees you having sex—and sanitize your office furniture afterwards


I am still alive, but August was an extremely busy month that began with my speaking with Swinburne University and the University of Melbourne, on topics relating to social media, branding, typography, and why New South Wales people (OK, just one NSW person) are not very good at airport signage.
   And while Wellingtonians were going on about snow mid-month, we had far more interesting things to deal with at the office. First, there wasn’t much snow in Rongotai, and I had enough of the white stuff in winter 2010. Secondly, who needs snowy entertainment when this saga unfolded on Gayatri Wood’s Facebook (published with permission)?
   Naturally, yours truly decided that people have a right to know when their offices are being used for sexual encounters, and called them about the ‘free porn’ they offered on Sunday to Gayatri. Moral of the story: don’t get caught by people who shouldn’t see you having sex. They’re just lucky this wasn’t caught on tape—you never know when someone might use that against you!
   The business’s name has been censored, as I think they’ve been embarrassed enough. This was, I might add, not good for our business as we spent the morning in hysterics.
   Twitter: bringing transparency to sexual encounters since 2007.

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