Eating Google humble pie

Today, I am eating Google humble pie, because it was right about malware on Autocade. Therefore: thank you, Google. (I’m not so petty as to not thank them for when they get things right.)    Since Google had cried wolf over this blog, which has never had malware issues, I had to question it. Nevertheless, […]

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A weekend of malware

  I’m prepared to eat humble pie if one of our sites is actually distributing malware (naturally without any knowledge or action on our part). According to Google, Autocade is doing just that, as of the 23rd: Of the 3 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 3 page(s) resulted in […]

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Wellington needs a new brand for a new decade

A very good Vista Group luncheon (Jim, Natalie, self), where we discussed: the Gap rebrand; The Hobbit, unions and the BNZ Centre boilermakers’ strike; and my mayoral campaign.    On the first topic, we concluded that it was down to a simple cock-up. None of us could see any reason for the Gap to rebrand […]

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Happy birthday, Lucire

Above The first issue of Lucire in 1997. Below right Lucire’s first iPad cover. [Cross-posted at Lucire] An hour ago, we turned 13. Normally this wouldn’t have merited much of a mention, since 13’s not the sort of number people tend to celebrate. But I happened to be up, after a long day catching up […]

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How easily they give up

I love how ‘Capital Day’ is always fun in The Dominion Post: you can’t believe the mileage I got out of its story implying that I could fix Wellington’s weather earlier this year with a fluxcapacitor. I even think it got me a few votes from people who didn’t see the irony (or the impossibility). […]

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Thank goodness I did not have a ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ moment on Saturday

On Saturday, I called then-Councillor, and now Mayor-elect, Celia Wade-Brown to congratulate her. I felt sure that the special votes would see her ushered in, and in my Sky TV interview that night, I stated much the same: I would offer our new Mayor my support for programmes that would benefit the people of Wellington. […]

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A new blogroll (Chrome should be happy)

After Andrew relayed to me that Google Analytics code was being downloaded with Blogrolling, that—and not the fact that Chrome users were blocked from seeing this blog due to a false malware warning (sorry)—motivated me to shift my blogroll on to Wordpress.    He was right: it was ironic that I could have it in […]

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How well we engaged

This was a nice souvenir of the campaign: Brenda Wallace’s summary on how well we engaged on Twitter. I hate to think where I would have been without social media.    Although it won’t make the slightest bit of difference to my placing, I would be interested to know where the special votes will finally […]

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If you are on Chrome, it won’t let you see this

Ever since I began blogging a bit more regularly here (upping it to my usual frequency?) Twitter friends have been telling me that they cannot read these entries because there is a malware warning.    What they have in common: they are all using Chrome.    I wanted to try Chrome out again (I had […]

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