Capricious Cortana

I have never seen a program as inconsistent as Microsoft’s Cortana.    We were always taught that computers were very logical, that they all followed a certain set of code each time.    Not so Cortana, which has had more different behaviours than anything I have ever seen.    When I run into technical issues, […]

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My first day with Windows 10

I never expected that the Windows 10 download would ever begin. I had registered for it, but the Windows 10 notification window kept coming up with various excuses, talking about my drivers being out of date, then claiming that because of the automatic log-in, the download would not start. Clicking ‘Tell me more’ never did […]

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When mistrust brings us together

I can be staunch on IP protection in a lot of cases—but in the case of Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG hiking the price of an Aids drug from $13·50 to $750 per pill, not so much (for obvious reasons). If you’re in pharmaceuticals, then there has to be some element of wanting to […]

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