John’s on first

Bill Owen posted the above, and I replied in this thread on Twitter.
‘John’s on first, John John’s on second, John’s on third.’
‘Who’s on first?’
‘The guy on first.’
‘But that’s the guy on third.’
‘One base at a time!’
‘I’m only asking you, who’s the guy on first?’
‘I don’t want to know third! Who’s on first?’
‘So John’s on first now? Who’s on third?’
‘But you just changed the players around!’
‘I’m not changing nobody!’
‘You’re saying there’s one player on two bases! It’s John! John!’
‘He’s on second.’
‘Who’s on second?’
‘John John.’
‘What? John’s the name of the guy on second base?’
‘No, John’s on first.’
‘But John’s on third.’
‘He is.’
‘He can’t be on both! Which base is John on?’
‘Which one?’
‘Which one?’
‘I just asked, which base is John on?’
‘Tell me which one!’
‘I’m asking you!’

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