Mojeek continues to refine its search results; Bing collapses again

Props to Mojeek again. I gave them feedback about how lucir was coming up for a search about Lucire. There is a search engine convention that identifies root words and delivers variants, but I argued that as I was querying a capitalized word, maybe Lucire should appear further up top.

To their credit, this now appears to be the case. On mobile, the top 10 now consists of Lucire-relevant pages at positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Fifth place is taken by Dr Yolande Lucire, and tenth is for something called Mucho Lucir.

It’s 11, 15 and 20 for us on the second page.

I’ve seen even better results of late on Mojeek as it refines its algorithm.

On the desktop, it isn’t quite as rosy, keeping at the four out of ten mark that it had when we first started using the search engine (the top four are relevant to us). Yola is down to 15th on desktop, and one of our company pages is 16th.

It’s a case of a search engine that listens to feedback and engages in regular improvements. Most don’t appear to listen nowadays.

Google and Bing do give the top 10 to us; interestingly, Google only shows seven results (not including the four internal pages at on its first page. In other words, it either shows seven or eleven results, depending on how you count them. Not 10—none of this metric nonsense, thank you.

For a site search, Mojeek is at 4,104, Google at a claimed 6,500, and Bing has gone from 1,760 on the 27th ult. to 9 today (one a repeat, namely our home page). You just can’t trust Bing or any of its reskins.

Now that Bing appears to have stopped lying about the number of results, here’s how things look at
Bing's results plunge again

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