Google sacks its own team for protesting

I had bookmarked this a while back: the statement by former Google employees who were sacked for not supporting the company’s involvement with the Israeli government and military. Some were not even part of the employees’ sit-in protests. But Google is too weak to be able to handle dissent, and clearly doesn’t support the welfare of its Palestinian, Arab and Muslim team members. ‘The truth is clear: Google is terrified of us. They are terrified of workers coming together and calling for accountability and transparency from our bosses.’ The former employees state that the company ‘continues to lie to its workers, the media, and the public.’ Remember, Big Tech lies.

The protests continue, even here in Aotearoa.

Even though the misinformation going up about yours truly is because of Google—and it even funds it—YouTube recently did right by removing one misinformation video. I had to use the DMCA to do it though, since the party was silly enough to take a photo from this website, but I got the result I wanted.


Yeah, pretty insignificant given that these protesters are telling us about Google’s Project Nimbus, worth US$1·2 milliard. It is ‘critical for maintaining the tech systems that carry out genocide in Gaza and apartheid against Palestinians / The contract allots hundreds of millions of dollars for data centres which will be used to surveil and oppress Palestinians as part of Israels apartheid regime.’ ‘Don’t be evil’ is so quaint.

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