More Buzz, a small buzz, and my real and virtual lives meet

My friend Pete informs me of his Google Buzz experience, and it’s not positive, either.
   He is no stranger to technology and is more expert than I am on these matters. He had turned off Buzz, and was surprised to find that it was still taking his information and publishing it to his followers.
   His sister took a screen shot of what she saw on her screen, which is shown above. Notice at the top of the screen, it says that Pete is following her—even though by this time he had turned Buzz off. In Pete’s words: ‘I’ve now had to go into settings where there is a further option to disable it altogether and kill all your posts. I’m hoping that stops it!’
   I hope so, too!

If any of the old Voxers are still around reading this blog, I met up with Paikea (a nom-de-plume of one of my neighbours and friends on the old Vox blogging platform) on Sunday. It was a wonderful catch-up and it was as though we had been Real World 1·0 friends for years. Sometimes, blogs really do help you get into the mind of others so you know if you would hit it off or not.
   I look forward to meeting her husband in the near future, too, and we have exchanged phone numbers and emails. I wonder if Linda-Joy and her husband might be next, as they are nearby in Melbourne.

Finally for tonight, how about the above? These are the followers on one Twitter account (I have an inkling who it is, but it’s not my place to say so). If you want me to feel honoured and very flattered, then following HM Queen Rania al-Abdullah of Jordan, Shakira Ripoll, Sir Richard Branson and Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately after me will do it. I am also in good company with my dear friend Manas Fuloria over in Gurgaon.

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5 thoughts on “More Buzz, a small buzz, and my real and virtual lives meet

  1. I’m still here. This is… less connected. I miss how it was before.

  2. Unfortunately, there’s very little chance of my being on Wave now—I have lost all faith in Google.

  3. I wish I had e-mail notifications for your blog… I had a feeling you’d replied but I didn’t know about it until now.

  4. Well, Jak, you know how Vox has also let me down, badly, over the last year. I’m spending enough time fiddling around with Google’s problems—e.g. my Friend Connect gadget disappeared as of today (although an entry in Friend Connect on this blog remains). Took me a while to gain those 16 followers.
       I know one can sign up to a RSS feed for comments ( would that be of use?

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