4 thoughts on “Jack tries another Firefox beta—we all know what happens next

  1. Well, again, I’m wondering how much Mozilla is supporting things on the Windows side. Cross-platform software is a bit of a myth; there’s always heavy tweaking to do for each OS.

    I thought Verdana was a hipster thing, though.

  2. What gets me, Jak, is that this is something they sorted out beautifully for v. 3: Firefox is, typographically, the best browser on the market, bar none. How they managed to mess something quite simple up, I don’t know.
       Verdana is kind of Web 1·0.

  3. Jack, if the issue is not always linked to Neue Helvetica, I recommend filing a separate bug for this. Please add me to the CC list (just put “:bz” in the CC list field while filing or after filing). I’ll make sure the bug gets directed to the right people and such.

    If you can also come up with as small a page as possible that shows the problem, that would be really helpful!

  4. Boris, thank you—I’m happy someone out there who knows more about Firefox cares! I have already filed a separate bug but I will do one more—it’ll be great to get this to the right people.

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