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Does frictionless sharing go further than we think?

Frictionless sharing on Facebook, as I understand it, works largely as described in the diagrams at Shortstack. If you want more depth, ReadWriteWeb explains it.
   But what if you have never authorized the application? In my case, I have never authorized anything from Disney or ABC. I double-checked today to see what apps I had in Facebook, and there’s no mention of anything from this corporation. I’ve nothing to hide, and the list of my authorized apps is shown below.
   If that list is accurate, how could I possibly have shared the article as the ABC News social plug-in states at left?
   My journal does not mention it, but I’ve learned to have a healthy scepticism when it comes to Facebook (or Google) and privacy.
   Is Facebook tracking us even on sites that we have never authorized, just by virtue of their having a social plug-in? If that’s the case, then this is something that I never anticipated—and it means that our understanding of frictionless sharing, and Facebook’s own assurances about it, were not accurate.

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