Regional reform explained, animated and in less than 90 seconds

I’ve already had my say on regional reform but I’d like to encourage everyone else to. I favour Wellington including Wairarapa, as I’ve outlined earlier, but regardless of what I say, it’s important to hear from as many people in our region as possible. And if you don’t like my long blog posts, above is a great animation summarizing a lot of the relevant issues, produced by my friends at Mohawk Media.
   After you’ve watched it, head over to this form to put in your thoughts. Only three answers need a bit of writing—the rest is clicking buttons. Submissions close May 3.

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2 thoughts on “Regional reform explained, animated and in less than 90 seconds

  1. Sir Geoffrey Palmer during his many consultations directly with the public said; “For a Super City to be successful you need 1 million + residents”. Does anyone know if its working in Auckland?

  2. The figures that John Shewan provided me show that there are real savings though his misgivings rested on the local boards not being properly funded.

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