Social Media Today on Google’s malware detection: ‘how is their warning not libelous?’

I found Carla Schroder’s blog post about Social Media Today’s battle with Google’s less-than-stellar malware detector last week, and happened on it again today.
   The title says it all: ‘Google—We Don’t Care, We Don’t Have to’.
   As with the cases I had followed (such as this one), Carla noted that their sites were clean:

So, for the last 90 days Google found no problems. That’s a pretty shabby record for a known malware distributor. The short story is none of the Social Media Today sites were infected with malware, and Google’s hysteria took down over 175 sites. And how is their warning not libelous?


There is no due process, no meaningful appeal, and Google won’t talk to anyone. And they get away with it because they have a giant monopoly on search and Internet services.

To close, she writes:

When a kid throws a rock through your store window, she buys you a new window. Doesn’t Google owe a whole lot of people for disrupting their businesses for a day?
   So … rock, meet hard place, our brave new Google world devoid of humans, guilty until proven innocent, and no penalties for Google’s mistakes.

   I won’t go on about our battle, since regular readers are more than aware of our many concerns with Google. Carla says more succinctly what I have been saying about Google’s malware procedures for a good while. They’re broken, and Google either needs to put in more effort than the two part-time guys working in that department, on whom far too much of the internet depends, or stop involving itself in a business that it’s not very good at, especially if it publishes libel regularly.

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