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De-Googling is more mainstream now

No, this isn’t my idea: Reed Allman used a version of this in his Medium post about de-Googling.

Looks like I’m not the only one writing about de-Googling, even if this piece in Medium is many years after I wrote about my efforts in 2009–10. (Here’s an even earlier one.)
   It does mean that others are becoming warier of Google’s privacy intrusions, if it’s now a mainstream issue. Reed Allman’s piece is very good, and it was interesting to see that it took him 36 days and upward of US$1,500 to get free of Google’s clutches. I’m sure it can be done for less with some judicious use of certain services. It’s far better having it all in one place (unlike my documenting nearly a decade ago), and his guide is bang up to date.
   I will recommend Zoho ahead of others as a Gmail alternative, only because of personal experience and Zoho’s excellent customer service. I haven’t used Zoho’s office programs but I assume they are the equal of Google Docs et al.
   He does conclude that he didn’t feel others were convinced about following suit, which is sometimes how I feel when these warnings fall on deaf ears. (And you’ve already heard me go on about other Big Tech players elsewhere.)

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3 Responses to ‘De-Googling is more mainstream now’

  1. Mike Riversdale says:

    I don’t particularly thing your “warnings” are such, but more opinion pieces. And you’re welcome to your opinion but that’s not to say everyone has to agree or follow suit

  2. Jack Yan says:

    Opinion is, ‘Facebook is evil,’ warning is, ‘Facebook has a bot problem, beware.’ I regularly find myself saying, ‘I told you so,’ two to three years afterwards when the penny begins dropping. Now, you mightn’t choose to heed my ‘opinion’ and that is your choice—but don’t say I didn’t ‘warn’ you!

  3. […]    But I dislike Google’s tracking as much as Facebook’s, and since I have de-Googled everywhere else (one of the last is shown below), then I’d like to get rid of the remaining […]

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