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Fighting intolerance is the key to a tolerant society

Hat tip to Mauricio Freitas. Source: Pictoline.

   Quite simple, isn’t it? I sense my parents’ generation (who were kids during WWII) would have understood this, but I worry about my generation and the ones following.

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Filed under: culture, politics—Jack Yan @ 09.22

One Response to ‘Fighting intolerance is the key to a tolerant society’

  1. jaklumen says:

    Both Nazis and Communists infiltrated the U.S. It was pretty clear that Operation Paperclip was the beginning of the former group, and we have MK ULTRA all over our (U.S.) entertainment industry, as well as our political institutions.

    The infiltration of the Communists is less clear; but I would say a certain amount of it was in Hollywood, and also U.S. academic institutions (universities, private and now public colleges).

    I fear more from the Communists, than I do the neo-National Socialists. In my experience, we have MUCH more problem with Communists- the most obvious example, I think, should be Antifa, resurrected from its 1930s roots. I am not on the “Left Coast”, as a certain commentator describes it, but, still, Portland, Oregon, is only about 3 and a half hours drive away. Antifa has done a lot of evil there.

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