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An update on yesterday’s COVID-19 table

Another late-night calculation of COVID-19 cases as a proportion of total tests done, so the figures will be out of date again, and I鈥檝e also discovered that the total testing numbers some countries are giving are out of date. The ones with asterisks below are those that haven鈥檛 cited increased testing numbers (at least none that I can find; a search actually yielded lower and older figures in some cases), so I imagine the real percentages might be lower. The order of countries hasn鈥檛 changed.

France 109,069 of 224,254 = 48路64%*
Spain 146,690 of 355,000 = 41路32%*
UK 55,242 of 266,694 = 20路71%
USA 400,549 of 2,082,443 = 19路23%
Italy 135,586 of 755,445 = 17路95%
Sweden 8,419 of 54,700 = 15路39%*
Switzerland 22,789 of 171,938 = 13路25%
Germany 109,178 of 918,460 = 11路88%
New Zealand 1,210 of 46,875 = 2路58%
Singapore 1,623 of 65,000 = 2路50%*
South Korea 10,384 of 477,304 = 2路18%
Australia 6,013 of 319,368 = 1路88%
Hong Kong 961 of 96,709 = 1路38%*
Taiwan 379 of 40,702 = 0路93%

   I was buoyed by news on what some of us have cheekily dubbed The Ashley Bloomfield Show (the Ministry of Health director-general’s press conference) that we had only 29 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours here. As a sporting nation I think we understand that you can鈥檛 shirk when you鈥檙e playing the second half of the match. If anything, you need to go harder. By now I suspect many of us are finding the hand-washing and other advice second nature.

Hasn’t it been revealing to hear which journalists ask crappy questions at the Bloomfield press conference? Since the pressers are watched by a huge number of New Zealanders during lockdown, I think the scales have fallen from many eyes lately to see how the stories get edited and even editorialized. And which members of the media don’t seem to want to work with the good advice being given by our government, yet have nothing solid (e.g. other experts) to counter it with. In my opinion, it’s put TV1 in a good light, and shown its reasonable balance. It also reinforces that many of our talking heads are irrelevant (see below, from The Press in Christchurch). Science is saving the day and showing loud-mouthed opinions for what they are.

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