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Another COVID-19 table: total infections as a proportion of tests done

Peter Lambrechtsen rightly pointed out that COVID-19 per capita infection statistics aren鈥檛 as good as knowing the infection rate based on tests done, so at 2 a.m. I decided to crunch some numbers based on the stats I had on hand. These are many hours old now but hopefully still indicative of where things stand. Here you want a low percentage, and we are very fortunate to be sitting on 2路71 per cent. This site has tests per million as well, which I haven鈥檛 factored in. Taiwan and Hong Kong are looking even better on this measure; Australia isn’t looking too bad, either. The European and US numbers are sobering. Mainland China and the KSA haven鈥檛 released their testing numbers, only total infections.
   I don鈥檛 really want to go into fatality rates.

France 98,010 of 224,254 = 43路70%
Spain 140,510 of 355,000 = 39路58%
UK 51,608 of 252,958 = 20路40%
USA 369,179 of 1,941,052 = 19路02%
Italy 132,547 of 721,732 = 18路37%
Sweden 7,693 of 54,700 = 14路06%
Switzerland 22,242 of 167,429 = 13路28%
Germany 104,199 of 918,460 = 11路34%
New Zealand 1,160 of 42,826 = 2路71%
South Korea 10,331 of 461,233 = 2路24%
Singapore 1,375 of 65,000 = 2路12%
Australia 5,908 of 310,700 = 1路90%
Hong Kong 936 of 96,709 = 0路97%
Taiwan 376 of 39,011 = 0路96%

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