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Among all the royal hoop-la, it’s nice to come across this vital 2014 article while on Mastodon.

To the scientists who analysed 1,893 poos, and other waste, thank you for your mahi.
All right, a couple of remarks about the royal coverage. First, I’ve heard from a legitimate news source, words to the effect of ‘It took the Queen’s death to bring William and Harry together.’

No one remembers Prince Philip’s death or the unveiling of the Diana memorial? Things that happened very recently?

The media really do think we are morons without memory sometimes, don’t they?

The other one: ‘There have been 15 US presidents since the Queen has been on the throne.’ I haven’t counted the UK prime ministers (15 is given there, too), but I have counted the presidents. And I get 14.

My friend James heard 12 in another report.

The media really do think we are morons without numeracy skills sometimes, don’t they?

Not just media, but some political parties and governments actually attempt to thrive off these—and it makes you wonder if you are the only one who has faculties to remember and count.
It is up to Twitter to provide less frustrating coverage:

Dog poo, in amongst all this, has been far more interesting to read about.

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2 thoughts on “Far more important news

  1. I couldn’t be bothered to count them, personally, but will this help to settle the argument? Seems to have photographic evidence:


    Honestly, I’m American and couldn’t have named them all.

    HM Queen Elizabeth II represents, to me, a long life of public service, dignity, resolute calm, and devotion to duty. I wish that she had turned over the reins to King Charles III and spent her later years – since Prince Phillip’s death, at least – enjoying her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But of course that would not be in keeping with all she stood for, would it?

    The monarchy as a political or social institution really isn’t mine to comment on; Parliament has all the power, anyway. But as a fellow human being, I respected HER. I’d like to see her descendants do their best to honor her by trying to live up to the example she set.

  2. I can easily name them. They had Herbert Hoover and not LBJ! Hoover was the president at the time of the Depression (and the article notes he was not the president at the time of their meeting). I know the Queen never met LBJ. The tally is still 14, so all those media talking heads touting 12 or 15 are wrong.

    My father’s position was the same as yours: the Queen should have abdicated in favour of Charles earlier. (He said this years before HM Queen Beatrix did this in the Netherlands.) But she made that commitment and wanted to keep on going.

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