For most sites, Bing continues to shrink

The New York Times’ presence on Bing has plunged back to the thousands—it was 2,723 on August 2
Back in July, I ran site: searches on a small range of websites to see just how bad things had got with Bing.

In January, I can report some have gone worse. And back in July it was already pathetic.

The first figure below is from today, the parenthesized figure from July.

Remember that Mojeek is the only party that appears to report these figures honestly. Bing repeats results from page to page—around 40 per cent from the searches I’ve done with Google will show a few hundred so it’s anyone’s guess. I prefer Mojeek’s 1,000 cap and that works particularly well for the Lucire site.
Die Zeit (
Mojeek: 5,279 (4,796)
Google: 2,590,000 (2,600,000)
Bing: 6,010 (3,770)
Annabelle (
Mojeek: 882 (405)
Google: 14,000 (11,700)
Bing: 25 (105)
Holly Jahangiri (
Mojeek: 299 (222)
Google: 510 (738)
Bing: 10 (49) but reports 2
The Gloss (
Mojeek: 2,615 (1,968)
Google: 23,000 (19,200)
Bing: 71 (71)
The New York Times (
Mojeek: 3,547,405 (2,823,329)
Google: 42,800,000 (36,200,000)
Bing: 5,170 (1,190,000)
Lucire (
Mojeek: 3,529 (3,572)
Google: 4,940 (6,050)
Bing: 10 (50)
The Rake (
Mojeek: 1,382 (1,443)
Google: 10,900 (11,500)
Bing: 10 (49)
Travel & Leisure (
Mojeek: 11,222 (9,750)
Google: 21,000 (28,100)
Bing: 15,100 (220)
Microsoft (
Mojeek: 1,887,288 (1,748,199)
Google: 120,000,000 (122,000,000)
Bing: 340,000 (14,200,000)
Detective Marketing (
Mojeek: 591 (579)
Google: 835 (998)
Bing: 10 (51)

There we have it: some rises at Bing for Die Zeit and Travel & Leisure, steady at The Gloss, but notable falls at The New York Times (back into the thousands, down from millions) and Microsoft’s own website (340,000, down from over 14 million). If you’re an independent publication, your presence on Bing is not rosy, with Annabelle, Lucire and The Rake netting between 10 and 25 despite thousands of pages on each site; while my friend Stefan Engeseth’s Detective Marketing site is also down to 10 from an already low 51.

I know from Mojeek’s blog that they keep plugging hard drives and servers to cope as their index expands. I can only assume from these numbers that Microsoft is unplugging them though they seem to look after you more if you’re an establishment website from a big company.
PS.: Here’s another way of looking at the data, factoring in the round of tests I did on August 2.

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